Ive noticed many of you feeling really down and confused about recent weight gains and I want to offer you a different way to process it, think about it and solve it- if you are open to it.


It will go against what you currently may think.


It will feel totally out of whack with what you have been brought up to believe and what you have been taught.


But if those things are NOT WORKING for you then isnt it time you tried something different?


Firstly let me say that I am not a nutritionalist or expert here in any way for health, weight loss, weight gain or diets.


This is simply something I feel compelled to bring to Light and feel the truth of it deeply.


For so many years, and lifetimes, we have been taught different ideologies on how our bodies work and the relationship of food and environment to it.


And I agree with most of what is classed as facts here.


BUT, the old ways of changing our reality have shifted and as such, we need to THINK differently and ACT differently if we truly wish to change what our current reality looks and feels like- especially the body and weight issues that this blog is addressing (There are many other areas I will write further ideas on).


In the Spiritual field that I dwell, I have noticed a lot of people truly feeling challenged in life right now – with weight gain in particular.


I want to offer these ideas as something that could shift this for you and really allow you to tune into ALL of who you are without the distraction of worry and sadness about what your body is currently doing.


As we are all getting more comfortable with our rising vibration to match the 5th Dimension Universal energies, we can feel unstable, ungrounded.


The higher we go to connect with Spirit, the less safe we feel in our connection to Earth.


I see this a lot and one of the big things I teach and advise clients with is GROUNDING.


So what does this have to do with weight gain?

Well, our bodies are smart. Our innate knows how to balance the body, how to readjust, how to keep it working at maximum efficiency.


As you gain higher intuitive skills and energy, the body automatically wants to be more grounded.


As the tree grows higher branches and leaves, so too do the roots spread deeper into the earth for stability.


Now I am not saying this is true for everyone right now but I can say that for many of us, our bodies are using weight to feel grounded.


So, the more you are tuning in to the higher parts of you, the more the body wants to feel safe on the Earthly plane too.


What you eat plays a part yes.

Why you eat it plays a part yes.


BUT, it can be frustrating to be gaining weight and feel at a loss at how to deal with it right now.


I would encourage anyone going through this frustration of unexplained weight gain to firstly seek medical advice for something maybe needing assistance within the body (or natropathic advice) but to also try this:




THIS is the number 1 task I set for you. Ground, ground, ground.

If you are grounded, the body will not have to become larger to compensate for the higher vibration you are at.




Stop beating yourself up about failing with your body.

Sometimes the protection we think the weight is is actually an excuse to stay that way. Who would you be without it?

Begin to honour the higher parts of your self that are finally returning to the Truth of who you are and understand and acknowledge that the innate, or smart body, is simply trying to help you.

The language alone around this will change things for you!




Start asking your body why you are drawn to the food you are eating. You will get the answer. And if you get the answer and still feel you want to eat that thing (Emotional eating etc) then do it but be OK with it. It is the language once again that goes with the food that will make it worse.




This really is the key and will require you to step out of the old stories, out of the old beliefs, out of the old statements and things you have been taught.

Be aware of why and when you eat. Be aware of how much your vibration is rising. Be aware of how far you have come recently in your connection with higher realms and BE AWARE of what you say to yourself and others.


I challenge you to simply try this for 30 days.


Be focussed on staying grounded, be kind to yourself, be aware and listen to your body.

Shifts can take place very fast when you intend them.


Believe you deserve it.

Keep asking yourself: Who would I BE without this weight? And then fully vision it so you can FEEL it.


Most of all LOVE YOU.

All of you.


You are magnificent exactly as you are and also the way you see yourself to truly be.

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