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We are a reflection of all we know about ourselves or have remembered here as a human being.

And all that is reflected back to us is the story of that.

Its often a difficult an unbelievable pill to swallow especially when what we are feeling or seeing is unpleasant however ALL our earthly experiences bring beautiful expansion to our essence, Spirit, the oneness of us and all others.

Being in the 5th Dimension energy of witnessing the experience of our human existence, it is far easier to step outside the drama, blame, resentment or ego for those things that are in our reality. This also goes for the positive (so called but more ‘good or better feeling’ experiences).

What we currently know about our self is what we experience. Each little piece that we remember about who we really are changes the experience.

The external experience is vital here for the clues and growth.

Who or what is pushing your buttons or triggering you?

What is it in your reality that does not feel good yet will not go away?

What is it in your reality that you desire yet cannot manifest?

It is a fact of our human experience here that I have known for quite some time but to embody it is the challenge and each time I become more aware, I can also remember more of who I am.

The old way of berating myself when I just don’t get things right, or see things from a higher perspective, while it is not comfortable or self loving is ALSO an experience to take me to more of the truth, my truth.

It is about being in the moment, the now, as often as possible for from this perspective every thing is in perfect alignment and timing.

Stepping out of the present moment is when the fear or old beliefs come in and create resistance and feeling bad.

So, with this is my awareness and now in yours, we absolutely have the human fee will to choose whatever we want. Stay in the old or create the new.

It will never be a straight line to the end so the important factor in all of this is to activate as much self love as you can, be kind and gentle with yourself and know that every little piece of your essential power, oneness and connection  you remember will always be in perfect timing and alignment and you have the freedom to choose in every moment.

Stay in awareness of what you are reflecting and what is reflecting back. Herein lay the greatest clues and answers and truths about you.

I am in full awareness of my spiritual and energetic journey and help others with this awakening. Connect with me here to learn more about how you can truly start creating the life you deserve and desire- trish@trishrock.com or 5 Step Transformation

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