Waiting to Be Saved

It is interesting to me that the thought of waiting for someone to come and save me from anything is still present after all the years I have practiced self development and personal empowerment.

Yet, today…there it was.

This revelation was a huge one and will change a lot of things for me internally. They say everything comes in perfect Divine timing right!

My story may bring you some realisations too or a breakthrough of some sort so I share it with appreciation, gratitude and in service.

5 years ago I finally said enough is enough to an on/off relationship with someone whom I felt was a soul flame. I was done, he was never going to emotionally commit, I tried to move on.

Unfortunately, despite my practices, mindset, cord cutting, letting go and everything else I have done, there is still that part of me that gets excited at the notion he may contact me again. Many of my clients experience this too but we all have unique reasons as to why. Today I saw mine.

Every time I listen to a horoscope or monthly reading and the cards indicate an ex may return, my heart and thoughts go directly to this person and I am immediately drawn in to the cycle of hope and waiting for the moment. Its been very frustrating and annoying!

Its actually not a nice place.

It is very disempowering.

I couldn’t figure out what the hold was…till today.

One of the things that I really am challenged with in my business is marketing and sales. No matter what I learn, try, put in place it doesn’t have the results that I expect or am told it will. Often I feel like just giving up on it all and not expect clients. I also get worried about hiring someone to do it for me in case that doesn’t work either!

Marketing is an element of business that is vital for its growth and sustainability so it cannot be overlooked or ignored.

Today, it occurred to me why I am still holding on to this fantasy of ‘him’ returning!

He is an expert marketer. He knows how to take $1 and increase it. He knows how to set up funnels and marketing streams. He is an expert and can easily put these things in place. Its an absolute passion and talent of his!

And the big revelation was this:

I wanted him to save me in this area of business.

There it is. Plain as day. I get it. I understand it.

Now…I can change it!

You see, while I trust this person with my business, and would also trust him with my life, I DO NOT trust him with my heart so it could never work. I am finally free.

What a weight off!

So, two things have changed now because of this:

  1. I am not waiting for anyone to come and save me from this marketing challenge. I have to figure it out and just get on with it.
  2. I am not waiting for him to call or knock in the door anymore- my heart is free. I can move on and be open to a new romance!

If you are still reading this perhaps there is something here for you to ponder too?

Are you waiting to be saved in some way?

Here are some other ways I have done this previously:

  1. Waiting for someone to love me so I would be happy (I learned to love myself so don’t need to be saved there anymore)
  2. Waiting for the external circumstances to change so I could feel more freedom (I learned to feel free anyway, so not waiting for that anymore)
  3. Waiting for the Universe to save me from financial lack and struggle in the past (I learned to feel abundant anyway and the lack disappeared)

We all have the power and ability to save ourselves and the truth is that’s the only way. Our self love and empowerment is the magic ingredient to happiness, joy, freedom and abundance.

Actually waiting for someone to save you, or for the external to change in some way, for you to feel better is very disempowering and when you give your power away…someone else has the control over how you feel, act and think.

So, in what small ways can you begin to truly take charge of your life today and be your own hero?

Trish xo


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