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Our entire life is a relationship journey and I have discovered that this in itself, is a truth and powerful knowledge that when acknowledged and accepted, can turn many things in our life around, especially relationships!

The relationship with self, others, parents, children, friends, romantic partners, strangers…in fact not only all humans but our relationship with nature, energy, our pets and all animals, create interesting expansion in this human life we are choosing to live.

At the beginning of this week I decided to transform my life in the area of having a romantic partner. I feel it is time to call this in and I feel ready in many ways now.

During the week I have been made very aware, energetically and physically, of the resistance that still remains in this manifestation.

I have been out of alignment and forced daily (although it was a choice as we cannot be forced to do anything energetically) to realign with Love.

My heart Chakra has been tight and noticeable unwinding.

My dreams have been vivid and about romance, roses, love, support and kindness.

I was drawn strongly to have a Reiki session and also see a kinesiologist to unblock, unravel, clear and help me let go of old beliefs, energy and ties I am still holding on to.

It has also been made aware to me that over the past 5 years, the relationship I have been building with myself has been the most important work that has now brought me to here- in alignment with relationships outside of myself more and more.

It has certainly not been a life this time around where relationships of any kind have come easily to me! That is blatantly obvious now. And what is also obvious is the work I have been called to do, to serve others in transforming their lives and living their dreams like I have done, starts with relationship.

And it is the relationship with self that we actually resist the most.

Tuning in to this is also a resistance however, if you want you, and you decide you will, it will be obvious to you and similar to the symptoms and prompts I have had this week, all within a couple of days, you can take action and solve the resistance.

This will enable you then to receive the new people coming in to your life and also improve current relationships.

So, my transformation from Single Trish to In Love Trish has begun, and faster than I expected! Not even a week yet and I feel different. I have tuned in. I have asked the question to myself and spirit and have listened and trusted and taken action.

Im excited for the coming weeks as this all unfolds but one of the most exciting things for me right now is the knowledge that empowering others to truly accept and love who they are and help them build relationship is an even stronger calling for me now and how this plays out is also about to unravel.

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