#30Blogs30Days #Day12

Its real.

Its a thing.

Its keeps you stuck in the old stories that are running your reality.

It also keeps you frustrated, out of alignment and asking or praying every day for an answer to make things better!

Here is the answer: YOU

I learned a long time ago that if it was going to be, it will be up to me.

This empowered belief took me to many adventures in life, business, creativity and discovery while creating a reality that was happy, fun, free and fulfilling!

There were though, at the same time, limiting beliefs within me that were stuck.

How can this be?

Well, there WERE areas of my life that I did not have limiting fearful beliefs or thoughts or emotions.

And there WERE other areas where I was stuck, paralyzed, in the old stories of not good enough, cant do/be, I don’t deserve and the big one – this cant change.

I feel on some level I got used to the idea and just kept excelling at the other areas that were working. I see a lot of my clients doing this too.

The trouble is that all areas of our life make up the one person and if there is discord, it will bleed into all of the other areas.

So, despite my workaholic ways, my fearless creativity and adventure, my success in business and many awards as a testament to this success…the stuck area of not feeling worthy of financial success affected everything in the end.

When this changed, everything seemed to come together and fall into place more easily and effortlessly.

The old lack mindset transformed into an abundant mindset and story and my reality changed as a result.

I see this happening daily while working with clients too. The breakthrough is in the knowing that one area of life may be showing up differently to another and therefore needs to be treated differently for the breakthrough.

The beliefs can be somewhat different in every area of life and and such can be changed in different ways.

The fear of change may be the pot you have put everything into right now if you are feeling stuck but in reality, there ARE areas that you are not fearful to change and others that are holding you stuck.

Getting clear on this is one of the magical transformative things I help people with through my mentoring and programs.

Reach out if you want more clarity and change in your life as we move into the second half of this year!

Any area of your life can be transformed. Clarity around what that is makes the whole process faster and it will have more ease in the change.

Trish Rock | Transformation Catalyst | Psychic/Clairvoyant 


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