Beam Me Up Scotty!

Do you feel like hopping on the next inter-galactic space ship and travelling to a planet that makes sense right now?

I don’t know about you but for me personally the current world we live in is so confusing I really am struggling to understand not only what is going on, but how I actually feel and think about it!

One thing I do know is that no matter what you believe right now, you will have people slam you, laugh at you, berate you, shame you, and yes, some will also believe you and support you.

The most confusing thing for me is to actually sort out what I am feeling and believing, and what I am taking on board with me that are actually projections of others.

Often as humans we feel safer, better, wiser or also forced to take on the opinion of others as our own and I feel this has really been intensified over the last few months but the other side of this is that with the huge energy shifts on this planet, anything that is not authentically felt as true for us will feel out of alignment and uncomfortable.

  • Do you feel uncomfortable right now?
  • Are you in a state of confusion as a human?
  • Are you questioning what you believe and what feels right?
  • Maybe you are just angry at the whole thing and don’t know where to direct that frustration?

So what DO you believe?

My perception of things changes on a daily basis…

~Do I believe the Government authorities re the Covid19, 5G, and Vaccines etc or do I believe the other theories that are becoming more enlightened with factual evidence?

One thing for sure- I am in control of my well being and can take action on a healthier lifestyle and mindset and strengthen my immune systems so as not to feel so threatened by the fear of all of this.

~Do I believe Racism can be stopped in our current systems or does the entire Western structure need rebooting for it to stop?

One thing for sure here is that I have the power to treat everyone with love and respect no matter what their skin looks like or where they are from.

There are many, many more issues right now that we are all being asked to consider, believe, fight against or support and for me, they are all spinning around in my head like a tornado with extra pieces being swept up daily and added to the swirling soup of confusion!

So, how can we get out of this confusion and start to make sense of our feelings and thoughts about all of this?

Here are 3 ways I am slowing down the mind tornado and coming back into alignment with my own clarity daily:

  1. What is YOUR truth?

What do YOU actually believe? Are your current beliefs yours or a projection of someone else’s who you think is right and therefore you need to think the same?

One thing I have certainly learned through all of this is that simply because someone else feels right with their opinion doesn’t mean it has to be mine.

Sit quietly and feel into this one. What feels comfortable and has ease for you will be your truth. You may even need to do this several times a day if you start to feel out of alignment or confused in any way about new information or events, or new opinions heard from others.

  1. What type of truth seeker are you?

I have found this to be of most importance for me. Being shamed for not acting or protesting in the way that others do is not fair and you have the right to be and have a different, or the same opinion, as others.

  • If you are a front line person fighting the battles that’s great!
  • If you are in the trenches supporting the front line that’s great!
  • If you are one of the planners and generals that’s great!
  • And if you are one of the energy workers behind the scenes that’s great!

We ALL play an important part and we are ALL doing the best we can so really feel in to this today and every day (as your perceptions and positions change) and ask yourself where and how  do you feel comfortable right now in bringing more peace and oneness to this planet?

  1. Find your own peace first.

No matter how you are dealing with life right now, the confusion and frustration of things can really send you astray and there is no peace when your mind has that tornado swirling around in it.

  • Whether you are struggling financially or thriving in this economy.
  • Whether you are in a country that is relatively safe or in one that is volatile right now.
  • Whether you are just getting on with life or are at the front lines.
  • Whether you are loud with your opinions or not.
  • And there are also a lot of people on this planet right now that simply want hope, want direction and  are in fear so much so that it is running their emotions and life.

Peace within your own heart can be underrated and seen as no action towards the whole but in fact it is the beginning of peace in reality.

So do whatever you can daily to find peace within your own heart and mind. Meditate, go into nature, close your eyes and imagine a better world, do some deep breathing or write daily in your journal.

Your inner peace will be the foundation of whatever your next step is and will also help with the confusion in your mind. When you feel at ease with your current ‘now’, decisions are easier, the day makes more sense and your emotions and mind are more grounded and stable.


This is how I am dealing with my confusion and it may suit you to do the same…or not.

Not everything here is for you to believe or adopt as yours but if it feels right then take it on board with you each day. If not, that’s great too.

These 3 action steps daily will at the very least allow you to let go of any energy, beliefs or fear that is not yours and put you in a space where you can own what is yours and then either embrace that or change it.

In the words of John Lennon…

“Imagine all the people, living life in peace.

You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.

I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world can live as one”


Trish Rock | Transformation Catalyst | Psychic/Clairvoyant 

~~One of the 8 Female CHANGEMAKERS for 2020 as named in YMag ~~

~~Enlightened Changemaker for 2020 in Holistic Bliss Magazine~~

~~ Producer & Host of TrishRockTV