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Why is it that so few people on this planet have the courage to be themselves?

Why is it that so few people on this planet back themselves with pride and fight for themselves?

The community and people I surround myself with are all quite positive, self empowered humans that live from a higher energy perspective.

I sometimes think that everyone is like this but the fact is they are not.

The fear of Being vulnerable, authentic, heart based, self loving and respecting and living an empowered life is present for so much of the population.

This fortunately is changing and while the world has supposedly been in ‘crisis’ or ‘pandemic chaos’ the truth is that more people have been able to sit in the silence of their life finally. To quiet their mind, to tune in to what they really want and who they truly are.

What will this mean to individuals, families, communities and ultimately the planet?

Once the allowance of control over how we express ourselves, feel about ourselves, speak about ourselves and ultimately ARE ourselves is gone, then we are free to be the magnificent human we always have been.

If more people were confident in their body image there would be less influence by the media telling us we are not enough, not because they would stop but we would stop watching and listening.

If people were more confident in shining their light there would be more inspiration ideas on the table, more brilliant leaders that are showing the way, more bright lights in the home and community showing all to see that the light is within them too.

But how does a society go from the robotic control, lack of self worth, lack of self belief, dominance, shrinking to please others….

The courage to BE.

The bravery to risk what others will say and stand up in their own light and truth.

Why do you think people get behind shows like AGT, the Voice, and other programs that are opportunities for people to stand up and BE? With presenters and audience alike, crying tears of joy and happiness for the performer who simply has risked it all to be seen, heard and shine in their uniqueness.

When other people risk being themselves we all applaud and feel it. We salute and applaud. We celebrate and support.

Isnt it time we extended all of these to ourselves too?

When will you risk being you? Fully and completely?

What would be the worst thing that could happen? And ask yourself, do you know for sure this is true?

Take a step forward today towards your full Being. One step at a time. Risk it. Back yourself with pride and fight for YOU

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