#30Blogs30Days #Day23

As I pondered my next steps today, the Universe really came in with massive assistance and messages.

This came in the form of beautiful, helpful, generous people. I feel so grateful to be surrounded by a close community of conscious leaders who always seem to have my back. One in particular today really was an angel and took the time to connect and help me with clarity and forward movement.

As I was walking my dog I also felt very supported.

The path was dotted the entire way with feathers of all kinds, along with gorgeous nature and a beautiful old tree for me to lean on and ground with for a while.

So many answers came, to the questions I was asking Spirit and my higher self.

Once I get out of my head and what I ‘should’ be doing they always do come. It is the same for all of us if we allow it.

Then I saw it.

An apple, one bite out of it, with the ants enjoying the sweet inner flesh and beauty.

I immediately saw the message.

I could stay protected with my blocks, my resistance, my ‘skin’ all in tact, my outer coating, for as long as I wanted to but until I allowed that to all peel away, my sweetness, beauty, knowledge, energy, core, could not be seen or felt.

By me, or anyone else.

I see this in other people, my clients, my friends.

I do not always see it in myself.

My beautiful friend today who mentored me through a moment I was having, reminded me of the oneness of us. What I see, feel and experience with others, nature and this human life are all connected and are in me. It is me. You are me. I am you.

And for a moment today I was the apple. Vulnerable, willing to be completely open, remove the outer protection and share my gifts to myself and others.

I know it to be true, and therefore the process has begun for me to see the beauty first, and love it.

I feel change and awakening is happening all over this planet right now like never before. We are being opened up to new possibilities for our own life and the way we live it. Being aware of all that is around us will give the clues, messages and action steps forward but we need to be in receiving energy.

Take the time to do this, to BE this, with a simple statement each morning like : I am open to all possibilities!

Maybe you will decide to be open to the vulnerable side of you so you can see the depth of your beauty and essence too.

If you would like more clarity around the changes in your experience right now please reach out for a free call with me and I would be happy to help you. – CLARITY CALL

Trish Rock | Transformation Catalyst/Psychic | Producer & Host of TrishRockTV

Spiritual Mentor and Transformation Catalyst for Conscious Leaders.