Todays topic is Escape from the Physical Human experience

Today I want to have a conversation about escaping our human experience.

I think we can honestly all say that there were times over the past 2 years when we just wanted to throw the towel in on life and hibernate until the long winter passed!

I had many days of saying to myself – whats the point! Whats all the effort for! Why do I bother! Who gives a fuck!It was on those days that I was most kind to myself, nurturing and loving until I could rise again.

Did you have days like this? Maybe you still do?

Something I have become aware of and have a new perception on is the role of our physical experience in our spiritual experience.


Many people believe, as I did once, that we are a spiritual being trapped in a meat suit. From this point of view it is very difficult to love anything about this experience. Do you agree?

We choose to try and escape it, to live in the spiritual 100% to see if that will help us feel any more connected or more at peace.

Trouble is, living just for the spiritual equation actually does separate you because you are here as a whole.

Your soul needs the experience of this human personality and existence to expand. Without it, you will keep feeling separated although you may feel you are not and simply just work harder on your spiritual practices.

Your emotions, your experiences, your suffering, your pain, your heaven and your hell…are ALL a part of your expansion and why you incarnated here.

To escape from the pain, suffering and emotions that do not feel good we want to  ignore our current life. We delve into past lives and find an escape there to a time where we may have felt better. We create addictions that numb the physical experience. We bury ourselves in clutter and overwhelm so we don’t have to look at ourselves.

I have done all of this and more including being so focused on the next thing to learn or hide in with my spiritual growth that no matter how much I learned, how many courses I took, how good I became at my intuitive practices and gifts…things did not change in my life.


Because I was not living it as a whole. The separation of myself kept me out of alignment and out of fully experiencing life.

When we are energy, source, love, all that is, we cannot experience life this way. We exist across all dimensions, living thousands of lives in so many different ways. The 3d Life we are called to here at this time, is the gateway for an experience of expansion into greater consciousness, higher frequencies and the attributes and knowledge and vibration of the higher dimensions.

What if…we lived each day in total gratitude of our body, our mind, our heaven, our hell, our total experience?

What if, this year you decided to be grateful for all you experience every time you open your eyes and start a new day? The wonder of it. The love of it all. The beauty in all things.

And you can find the wonder and love in all of the bad experiences too as they are simply leading you to new discoveries about yourself.

Life does not hold us in any particular place or experience just for the heck of it. Life follows what story you are telling it, and yourself.

And I can promise you this – as soon as you begin to tell a different story, a different experience will become reality for you.

So, I invite you to think about really becoming a whole being this year. Celebrate life. Celebrate your physical and spiritual sides. Align with the whole of you, for you are the whole Universe, you are existence, you are, love.

The one thing that I would recommend to escape in is meditation. This is a break from the mind chatter and can bring you the space to create new stories, find deeper meaning and connect with the love you are.

I have a beautiful meditation you can grab for free on my website at www.trishrock.com

There are also many free ones on my Youtube channel.

I would also invite you to take a look at the beautiful group I have created. The Inner circle private membership group – the High Vibe Happiness Hub.

It’s a wonderful group of like minded people and we are all evolving and expanding with more ease with the right guidance and tools to change any story that is keeping us stuck.

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