As humans, we are constantly evolving, changing and moving more in to the alignment of the energy that flows through us.

Its sometimes comes easily, as if it were a simple walk through a door but often we can find ourselves knowing there is a change afoot, but not knowing how to fill it as a human.

Transition, transformation, alignment…

We evolve in spirit with every encounter, with every experience, with every person who crosses our path, with every thing we call in to our reality.

This is exhilarating to us as spirit but sometimes, the expansion as a human is more of a process. There are more growing pains. There are fears that arise. There are physical elements involved.

This week Mars goes direct. This means that we are no longer at a standstill. Its like we have been on hold with the rewards, with the results, with the visible signs that we are moving forward in life.

We will now, after Wednesday, see and feel things flowing more for us. And it will feel easy, it will feel simple. It will feel right.

There is movement.

Not only visible movement in life but a new alignment within.

When we are aligning physically with the shifts that have taken place spiritually and mentally, we can experience symptoms such as aches and pains, cold like symptoms, sleeplessness, fatigue and headaches.

If we can understand that our bodies are simply catching up with the faster energetic movement of us, then the physicality alignment also quickens.

Any changes we want in life require movement.

A movement of thought, of actions, of energy, of intention, of belief.

All movement is to greater alignment and THIS thought, in itself, is powerful and could change everything for you, for me, for all of us.

No matter what we are experiencing it is always for the greater good, for the MOVEMENT to greater alignment, for the energetic shift towards being more aligned with the truth of who we are, in spirit, in energy flow, in the source energy that flows through all of us and all of life.

Be aware of the physical feelings this week and know that your body is simply adjusting and aligning to the movement that has already taken place within.


Love xo