#Freedom #Peace #Reality

This year has been a massive restructure in and on the planet.

Our reality has been shaken and stirred but has not tasted as good as a martini. We are all unique and we are all unique personalities. With that, we all have our own unique reality.

As a society we also have a mainstream reality that keeps order and safety for the whole. This reality is shattering fast and while this is great in the scheme of this planet and our evolution, it can also create fear in its people.

Rather than fear this, you have the opportunity now to truly ask yourself what it is you want your reality to be. What will give you more peace, freedom and happiness. What will give you the experience that you desire.

The mainstream reality is a structure that will be rebuilt however you do not have to have your full attention on it or in it now. Your attention is on you and what you want. Use the current high vibration energies to truly go inward and ask yourself these questions.

The answers are there and you can create the reality you choose to experience- no matter what is happening externally. Blessings Trish xo