Over the past couple of weeks I have had some very special people from my past resurface.

I used to hate when this happened!

All of the emotions, the feelings, the hurts that resurface as well simply would break my heart all over again!

But this time it has  been different.

This time, I’ve been able to truly appreciate the Love, and let it go.

It interesting to me that for so many of us, including myself, emotions and memories will keep churning away inside of us. Going around and around on a hamster wheel unable to get off the cycle.

We say that’s normal.

We allow society to keep us under the illusion that we may never get over the hurt.

We believe others when they tell us to simply- get over it!

But here’s the thing…that doesnt work for many of us. It certainly didnt work for me! I found it very challenging to simply- get over it. The hurts were real. The heartbreak was real. The memories were real.

Something shifted this week though and I want to share with you how I am now able to enjoy these memories rather than being burdened and saddened by them.

And it will work for you too.

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What if, we remembered the Love?

What if, we remembered how we felt?

What if, we remembered how beautiful these past relationships were and discarded the rest?

This is what I have done.

I took some time out the other night and really focused on how I FELT when I was LOVING and being loved.

How I felt safe, secure, special, nurtured, important, beautiful, sensual. The delight I felt being with someone that couldnt take his eyes off me. The passion I felt when we were so immersed in each other that nothing else mattered. The comfort I felt and the love I felt.

The feelings are the important thing here.

No matter what it is in life we desire, it is all because of the way we will FEEL when we have it.

This is true for relationships also.

So it isnt necessarily the person we want (actually it is NOT the person) it is the FEELING we desire. And yes, the feelings came with a special person that perhaps we find challenging to forget but to stay focused on the feeling WE felt, the good feelings, is the fastest way to invite Love in again.

FEEL it first.

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The next important thing to do is to thank and forgive, then be truly grateful for the experience.

I did this in my heart this week, and I AM truly grateful and thankful for the special love I have experienced.

I now invite it in again. My heart is open. I already FEEL how it feels and love the feeling of it.

How about you?

If you are feeling stuck in anything past, please try this.


The feelings can be felt by YOU…NOW.

It is freedom to feel this. It is Love.


Love xo