For many years now I have had a strong and undeniable vision of where my life was taking me and how I would deliver my healing message to those who wanted to hear and feel it.

Working away in the background on my skills, my business, and ultimately my personal development so that I was becoming the person I needed to be to BE in that vision.

Countless hours spent on myself. Countless hours spent on my business. Enormous amounts of money spent on mentors, coaches, programs, products, and then my own product development and program development.


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This week, after one more project in my business that I thought was the next step came to a screaming halt, I asked the Universe what I needed to know…

You see its very frustrating when you think you know what you want and where you are going, only to be blocked at every turn. Not achieving the tangible financial results from the investments made in business education and coaching.

Thinking you are following your guidance in creating the next thing only to discover it really wasn’t you next step. Here’s the thing though. In business or in life we have this up and down cycle constantly. This contrast is actually what teaches us and moves us forward.

But when your big vision keeps getting smashed, delayed, uprooted or blocked there has to be a point where you say ok, what DO you want from me Universe? What IS my next step? Obviously I am not taking steps on the right path here!! AND you also have to understand that everything we do takes us closer.

So in fact, none of the things I have done over the past few years, my lifetime, or in particular the past 12 months have been pointless as they have ALL given me a better understanding of me, others, what I want, what I don’t want, and have made me a stronger, wiser and more determined person in business and life.

Last night I had a clear message from the Universe which has totally thrown me…or maybe given me more clarity.

Out of nowhere, I heard myself saying:

‘All I want is a comfy cottage by the ocean where me and the dogs can live a simple life, grow clean food and be happy and at peace. ‘

Now I have to tell you this is FAR removed from my big vision! Traveling the world, being on stages everywhere bringing people back to their Light, helping people see their magnificence, changing the energy of fear within people to Love and doing this with healing, energy, intuition, talks, programs, books and mentorship.

I didn’t know what to do with it actually…

After pondering it for a while I realised it IS actually part of my big vision but I had got lost in the process and the Doing. A simple life by the ocean IS what I crave and IS part of my bigger picture and its the FEELING of that which I needed to get back to.

The Universe gets the messages to us in a way that sometimes is clear and often not but it is always what we need at the time.

This ‘interruption’ from Spirit and my inner knowing (because thats what Universe is) is letting me know that while I kep the focus on the doing, I am forgetting and neglecting the Being.

What do I REALLY want?

I want a simple and peaceful life where I am still making a big difference globally. And I feel now that both are achievable.

I feel that all the blocks that have seen my plans all fall over into a heap this past year might lift if I get back to what I actually want, not my imagined view of what that is based on how other people do it.

So, my question for you today is:


Is it that Ideal home, car or ‘thing’?

Or is it the security of it?

Is it that ideal job, career or business and the money it brings?

Or is it the freedom and lifestyle?

Is it that partner or friend you crave?

Or is it the feeling of being loved?

Is it the ideal weight or gym membership because this is what you are told you need?

Or is it to feel good about yourself?

What is it that you really want?

And if you know this and have been working towards it but its just never getting over the line- what is it that you want that is UNDERNEATH what you think you want?

And what is blocking you from actually stating and declaring what it is you want if you haven’t yet done so?

  • Is it the fear of what others will say?
  • Is it the ‘stepping out of the herd’ mentality that has you frozen?
  • Is it trying to please everyone else first before you?
  • Is it the constant apparent failure that have become a pattern and have paralysed you from trying again maybe?

What is it that you really want. Right now.

First thing is to say it! And it doesn’t have to be a world changing statement! It can be something really simple too! State it.

THEN figure out some action steps towards it. You wont need to know all of them. Just begin and you will be guided along the way.

Remember though that what you TRULY want is a FEELING behind all the words and plans. And if you forget this along the way you will definitely be reminded, as I have been this week, and have the opportunity to get back on track with it.

What DO you really want?

Whatever it is, know that you deserve it and the inspiration and the thought is coming from the you that is already there.

So you KNOW it is possible.

I hope this podcast has clarified your visions and wants in a better way and you will now step forward into the empowered and worthy you!

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I would love your feedback on how you are opening up to the new energies!


Love xo Trish

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