3 Steps To Living An Empowered Life

Have you ever felt truly empowered in life?

Was it in ALL areas?

Was it only in one area?

Have you ever felt truly DISempowered?

Was that in ALL areas? Or was it only one area?

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In this Podcast, I will show you how you can experience your life in an empowered way in 3 simple steps.

Simple, but not necessarily easy. If it were easy- everyone would be empowered all of the time right!


Here is the funny thing about that though- it’s NOT EASY to stay DISempowered either!

But first, let me tell you a story.

I was very empowered for a great portion of my life.

I ran my own business. Made my own decisions. Broke the rules and succeeded far beyond what the boundaries would have allowed. I had fun while I made money and helped people. I thought it was natural for me to be like this.

Then my life began to change.

Another divorce saw a long marriage ended.

I got tired of where I was at in life so I moved and left everything behind to begin again on a bright new shiny clean slate….

Over the space of a few years, I totally lost the empowered state I was so used to.

I felt useless at relationships.

I felt useless and stupid in business.

I felt useless and ugly as a person.

I was feeling completely worthless and very disempowered.

I had left the shelter of a ‘known’ daily routine where it was easy for me to feel empowered and be in charge of my life to something where I felt I had no control.

I fell into victim mindset very fast and couldn’t escape it.

Have you ever felt like this?

Knowing you are better than the life and reality that is presenting to you daily but unable to get you head out of the muddiness?

I stayed here for 4-5 years. It was hard. It was a struggle financially and emotionally and it nearly destroyed my Spirit.

But then I realized the blessing of it all.

I was beckoned to lift myself out of this so that I knew how and knew it was possible. I felt I was going to be able to help others do the same but I had to experience it for myself to truly feel it.

I think 4-5 years was a bit extreme but hey! I’m stubborn and the lessons were deep!

Over this period I learned a lot from the people around me who were coaching and mentoring me. From my friends who supported me and from being aware in each moment that I had a choice in life.

It took persistence. It took gumption. It took education. It took time. It took courage.

There were many tears along the way and the pain of facing some of the fears was almost unbearable but each step of the way I was supported and each step was a step in a more empowered direction.

Here are the 3 MAIN things that I did on a consistent basis, to change from feeling trapped by life- to living an empowered life.

  1. Stop the blame, change your language and thoughts

One of the most DISEMPOWERING things you can do in life is to be constantly in the ‘blame game’

  • It’s their fault I feel like this!
  • It’s her fault I cant do that!
  • It’s his fault I am not happy!
  • It’s their fault my life sucks!

While you may think that this blaming is giving you power- it is actually the people you are blaming that are TAKING your power from you.

You have the choice in every moment to decide how you feel, how you react, how you speak, how you think and how you live.

When you give that power away by thinking and acting as if someone else can control you, then you will never feel empowered.

The thoughts around this, the language as well as the reactions all need to change and it’s the moment by moment awareness that is the key.

Next time you hear or feel yourself blaming someone for something- ask yourself “how am I losing my power right now? Am I giving that person or situation the control of how I feel right now?

This will bring you back to a more centered space where YOU decide how you feel about the situation.

Anger and blame for situations or other people is actually hurting YOU not them. So if you think you are being the one in control by using blame to get to those feelings you want to feel? Think again. You are actually allowing other peoples actions and words to control YOU.

  1. Clear vision

The next really important factor in my self-empowerment journey and step 2 is having a clear vision of who you are and where you want to be or become.

This is where so many of my clients are stuck and it’s actually one of the first things we work on.

For some people, this actually makes them feel sick as their stomach churns through all the fear!

Who am I to want that life!

Who do I think I am to think I deserve that!

We have been brought up to believe we are not good enough to live an extraordinary life. We must stay with the herd and do what the herd does and god helps you if you step outside of that because they won’t!

Is it any wonder we have fears so deep within us we are not even aware of them that keep us from dreaming and visioning a better life for ourselves?

And for some of us, even when we do vision this new life we don’t feel we deserve it so it doesn’t manifest!

So, what I have found is that a super clear vision is vitally important to get you to where you want to go and is the fuel to your self-empowerment along the way.

The process of bringing this clear vision to life is where we get stuck because this is where the fears come up but once again, if you can be in the moment and be aware of what is coming up for you, it will easily pass and you can rise above it.

Rising above anything is impossible when in blame and disempowerment.

My advice here to clients and also now for you is to begin writing down how you want your life to look, what your passion is, how you see yourself in the next year or so or further.

Write it down in a way that is fluid for you. Add to it, change it, rewrite it. Get it in your head so clearly that when you close your eyes you can feel it, smell it, touch it and taste it!

When you are then in those moments of the old energy of anger and blame- you can remind yourself of the person in this vision. Would this person be acting like this right now? What would THIS version of me be thinking, saying and doing?

It is a super-empowered way of Being that is also very freeing.

  1. Take daily action

Daily action is the step that many do not take.

Manifesting does not occur on a whim and a prayer!

Action needs to be taken in the direction of your vision and when you do, the wings of the Universe will carry you the next step.

The way to figure out what action to take is to look at your end goal or bigger vision and then work backward to create a plan.

For instance, if your bigger vision sees you traveling more, take action by exploring different countries, maps, places, and experiences you may like to have and see where you are drawn.

If your vision is to speak to large groups of people, begin today by taking action on what you need to learn to be a great speaker. Write down some ideas of what you would speak about. Find different groups or create your own where you can begin.

We can often get overwhelmed with the amount we need to learn or that we have to do to see something become a reality and can freeze in procrastination. But if your bigger vision is clear, you will easily be able to take the small daily steps to get there.

And let me tell you, the actual ACTION of something small each day is VERY empowering! You have taken back control of your life!

I hope you will put these 3 steps into practice. It may not be perfect at first but keep going.

Living YOUR unique empowered life is YOUR daily choice. Keep your awareness high in every moment and check in with your thoughts, words, and actions.

Let the old fears and beliefs come to the surface to be let go.

I know you can do this. No matter where you are now in life…you can do it and you can change everything.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this Podcast!  Until next time, bye for now.

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I would love your feedback on how you are opening up to the new energies!

Love xo


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