Overcoming the Fear of Being Uniquely YOU


As we shift in vibration and start to truly feel the pull and calling to step into our own truth, there is also a large emotional component to it all.

With the energies shifting, we can feel like we are being opened like a sardine can and the emotional component of that is that we can have the feelings of hopelessness and unworthiness arise within us.

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Who am I to BE this?

Who am I to desire this?

Who am I to deserve this happiness as I step into my truth more each day.

This is a lifetime, and more, of conditioning, we are all opening up to. We are getting to the other side of the fog. We are finally seeing the Light…of us.

The people who keep world order have always done so with a certain level of fear and control. Actually- all fear and control!

As such, we have it programmed into us that

  • We cannot Shine
  • That we are not good enough
  • That we don’t deserve
  • That we aren’t smart
  • and that we certainly don’t have the right to stand in our own presence and speak from our hearts.

But now, we are being called to do just that. As the energy shifts, ‘what is’ on the outside no longer feels right for us. The status quo feels out of alignment. There is discord within, and then without.

It will feel like we are speaking a different language to everyone else. And we will feel misunderstood and alienated in certain situations and circles.

And…we may crawl back into our safety shell of fitting in.

Unfortunately though, right now this will feel very out of alignment with you and to back to the safety of outside control, will have you feel suppressed and depressed.


  • How do we create that centre of peace within ourselves that will be unbreakable by the outside world, opinions, and energy?
  • How do we strengthen our inner calling and knowing?
  • How can we find the alignment of our truth?

Here are 10 ways to stay in truth:

  1. When emotions of hopelessness and unworthiness arise, be aware and rather than getting stuck in them, allow them to flow through you
  2. Keep tuning in to your own soul resonance
  3. Stay centered in your OWN reality
  4. Have compassion but don’t feel you need to join them
  5. Take your power back
  6. See this as an opportunity to grow
  7. Don’t be pulled into the chaos/drama- trust your own path
  8. Believe yourself, even when everything around us is saying its wrong
  9. Be discerning with your truth and how you express it
  10. Stay in your own lane

The Sacral Chakra holds old beliefs and fears about relationships, our sexuality and our emotional state.

To strengthen this Chakra, be aware of when you are feeling fear, or feeling unsettled in your tummy. Look at what might be behind this fear. Is it true? Is it real?

Take a deeper view of what actually happened to instill this belief in you. Whether it was in early childhood or last week, your perspective can be changed.

Maybe what you felt happened was only your memory and view?

Change the memory and story and your perception will take a quantum leap to less fear.

Unveil the possibilities of a more loving story.

The most powerful thing we can do to change the world is to change our own beliefs into something more positive.

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I would love your feedback on how you are opening up to the new energies!

Love xo