What a blessing to be alive right now, at this time, as you are.

The entire energy system and vibration of the Universe is shifting, and has shifted, into a new way of Being and things are changing rapidly.

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The Earth’s Crystalline Grid has started to unlock more energetic secrets and as we all begin feeling this, we can often close ourselves off to the new. Fear arises and we can choose to stay there, or move forward into the unknown.

This generation of life, known as Earth and humanity, has now started to turn the corner.

We are being guided and shown the way in a variety of mediums but on the whole, it is YOUR DIVINE self that is receiving these messages and the new energy and you are being called to create a new way of Being.

Our generational conditioning is bringing up a lot of fear right now but I want you to know it is not real for you any more.

We no longer have to be controlled by the world leaders. We no longer have to be controlled by religious dogma or the rules and conditions of society. We no longer have to be what we have been taught by our parents and teachers, and their parents and teachers.

We have the opportunity, right now, to stand up like never before, into our own Divine Truth and BE the unique spirit and human we are- without the fears.

So, how do we alleviate the major fears that arise within us?

  • Criticism
  • Judgement
  • Condemnation
  • Anger
  • Unworthiness
  • No Value
  • Unloveable


We need to do the work and the greatest, most important, and often the most challenging work is within.

We see on the outside a reflection of how me may be feeling, what we are being asked to look at and clear, or something we may not have known about our thoughts and sub conscious chatter.

These things will show up as experiences, people, situations or physical issues.

The first step to moving past these old energies is to recognize them and acknowledge them. Not the old way of blame and resistance.

The next step is to do self enquiry as to what the lesson is, why this came up and what you need to know right now.

After this, thankfulness and an open heart will allow it to move through you and past the old fears. In fact, if you feel

  • No self criticism
  • No self judgement
  • No self condemnation
  • No anger
  • Worthiness
  • Value
  • Love

You will attract those things rather than the other. And it is in this truth that the fears will dissipate.

There is no obligation, by the way, to do any of this. We can stay exactly where we are. We do not have to consciously move past this and into a new way of Being.

I do know however that if you are gathered here, or reading this, that you understand the discomfort of staying in the old energy.

You understand the body is letting you know daily that it is not thriving in the old energy.

Your daily experiences are letting you know that you are different now and not a match to where you have been.

Your Heart is calling you to truly connect to the larger part of yourself, that which is here as your guides and also still behind the veil.

Transformation IS taking place. We can choose to be aware and consciously take part, or flow with the breeze and get knocked around. I know which way I’d prefer!

Love xox

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