This past weekend I went to a wedding.

A most beautiful wedding between 2 people who cherish each other beyond what we see. Love that has risen despite so many hardships and barriers. 2 people who can see beyond the external circumstance, and focus on the energy between them.

I know what you may be saying right now…Trish! We all feel jubilant and gooey after a wedding!

And yes, its true.

But this wedding was my brothers.

And this wedding was one we never thought we would experience.

You see, just a few years ago, and with a history of ‘unease’ for many many years, my brother was on suicide watch.

Ill, a recluse, not knowing where he would be at 53, we now found ourselves at his wedding. Can you imagine the Joy we all felt? Can you imagine the great pleasure it was to experience the bond, the respect, the energy, the bliss, between these two people, both of whom have many trials and who both experience an ‘unease’ many times in their everyday that we would not be strong enough to deal with?

Our Mum was there in spirit and I was able to hug him for her and express her Love. It was a beautiful moment and weekend I will never forget.

It has changed me…forever. you are the truth

So many of us live by the ‘rules’ of this world that we are experiencing. The rules that tell us if we do not find love by the time we are 30 its all over. The rules that say that after 50 its not the real thing. The rules that many of us take on board only to leave us feeling like failures in love and life because we are a certain age or are in a certain state in life that we should just ‘be happy with what we have and forget love’

well…Im done with that bullshit.

Love can embrace us at any age and at any stage in life and no matter WHO we are.

You know, I’m one of those people (lucky, some will say) that always open my heart to opportunity, to life, to love. Yes the risk of heartbreak exists but what about the heartbreak of NEVER FEELING it?

I was speaking to a beautiful man recently and we were talking about life and love, career and achievement. I said to him

“What if…our BEST EVER years are between 70 and 80? or beyond?”

and I meant it. What if they were?

Who says we have to achieve everything by the time we are 60? Who says we have to find the Love of our lives before we get too old?

So, a wedding between 2 very special people last week. How has it changed me, my thoughts, my actions, my BEing?

Here are a few ways:

  1. I know its never too late for anything. We never get it wrong and we are never finished.
  2. I appreciate that even the people who appear the most messed up in life can still feel deep love for each other and are more willing than most to actually show it and live it.
  3. I am willing to take every opportunity in life now to open my heart to Love and FEEL the beauty and magnificence of it.
  4. I focus more on the moment rather than if it is going to last. (we can never be sure of anything lasting right!)
  5. I would rather have my heart broken in the opening of it than experience heartbreak through a closed hearted life.

Right now I have a very special Love in my life. One that will not last long. One that is fleeting. One that is distant. One that brings me so much Joy that despite all of that and the truth that my heart will feel broken at the end of it…I AM STILL prepared to put my heart on the line and experience Joy…even for one moment.

It seems crazy… or it would have a few weeks ago.

Now, in this moment, it feels like the perfect next step. It feels like the whole world is in alignment. And really, isnt that what this experience of life is about? To be feeling great? To be joyful?

Imagine the feelings that I will experience in these moments and how I can carry them with me for all time.

Imagine the fragments of memory and bliss that will be in my DNA for me to draw upon again and again.

Im good with that. And I feel so lucky to have the opportunity to experience love through the people around me, up close and personal, as well as through family, friends and acquaintances.

Its never too late for Love. Never. Ever.

And it can be a moment or a lifetime. Why would you choose anything but Love no matter what the ‘conditions’.

Oh the deliciousness of it all. It really is one of the best things we are here to experience. vow of love

From this day forward, I vow to Love who I am, with gusto, with passion, with a fire in my heart, and pass this Love on to others who come my way.

Yes, indeed.

We can only block Love when we close our hearts. It is constantly flowing. It is all around us.

What if, today, we opened ourselves completely to its flow?

What if, today, we trusted it?

What if, today, despite all that has passed before us and despite all we have experienced so far, we chose today as the day that we Love?

A question to ponder, to embrace…dare I say it? To Love.

Its never too late to Love.


I Love Love.