Intuition Is Not Professional…

I Call BS on That!

  • Are you intuitive?
  • Do you use it in your career?
  • Would you like to begin using more of it?
  • Are you rethinking your job or career and feel the urge to be more on purpose and in line with your intuitive prompts and vision?

I have always tuned in to my intuition in all careers and jobs I have had in my lifetime so far. Many times though, I did not even realise it and it has only really been the past 20 years that I have actually KNOWN what I was accessing.

As I work with clients now, I see a greater desire to tune in to these abilities from people in all different walks of life. In fact, their intuition, and the clarity and understanding of it, is actually one of the things that attracts clients to me! Something opens up inside them and they have all of this information flowing…and no idea of how to direct it!

I certainly believe intuition is an integral part of ANY person and as such, an important part of their work life too.

Here’s the thing though…

Many old school, masculine energy beliefs, especially in the corporate areas, are that there is no room for ‘that woo woo BS’ and what matters is logic, ego and the intellect!

Many people also have this belief and fear within themselves so much so that even in a welcoming environment, they are too frightened to let on they have any intuitive ability.

The truth is that we ALL use intuition to some degree and it is not that ‘woo woo’ in the scheme of things!

  • Have you ever had that ‘gut feeling’?
  • Have you ever just turned down a street without knowing why and then had an amazing business or creative idea come from something you experienced or saw?
  • Have you ever been sitting in on an important meeting and simply ‘knew’ something was off?
  • How about those important life changing or business changing decisions? Get a little inside prompting with those? Ever?

I know many great leaders and mentors that are highly intuitive and are not shy about it!

For myself, having never been in the corporate arena in a role that required leadership on my part (ie: just temp roles), I can understand from the clients that come to me that in many situations and careers, you are not taken seriously if you mention or even let on that you use your different intuitive skills to help you daily with all aspects of career and life. And I have to say also that in the corporate roles I have had, I have also kept my abilities to myself unless I felt safe to talk about it. It felt like it should remain ‘unspoken about’.

This creates energy blocks in that person and they begin to really resent the career, the environment and the people but the real issue isn’t the career, the environment or the people, its the self confidence and  inner self talk and fear of the person in that situation.

They often have the belief that intuition is not professional and they need to keep it to themselves.

I strongly feel and have seen over the past few years a definite shift here in workplaces to be more embracing and accepting of these innate skills. Not all bosses or workmates will agree with it BUT they will accept it as part of the person.

We are ALL innately intuitive, whether you wish to call yourself that or not AND even the most intellectually focused human has inner prompts and feelings that will nudge them in a direction that is better than their original plan (although they don’t know it).

So, where are you at with your intuition? Are you comfortable with it? Are you comfortable with it where you work? Are you open about it? Are you accepting of others in the workplace that are vocal about it and openly use their abilities on a daily basis?

No matter where you are at, be it simply following those gut feelings or prompts, asking your guides for advice, tuning in to spirit, totally connected and in flow OR just beginning to explore, the biggest thing to remember is that this is part of the whole of YOU and that we are all rising in vibration right now, and feeling things we may have put on the backburner.

You may be wondering whether you want to go back to that job or career after this world situation and lockdown is over. You may be having visions of doing what really lights up your heart like teaching meditation, doing energy work or intuitive coaching of some type.

Some people I have spoken with are afraid to change their fast paced corporate career to their passion and purpose as they feel like they are Being less. It breaks my heart when I see people in fear of their true self.

You can be totally professional and fit in, while being in total sync with your intuition!

If you are somewhere or at a place where you cannot agree, then its time to look at what fear YOU have around being ALL you can be and not worrying what others think.

Now, in my career as a Transformation Catalyst  and Intuitive Mentor I am totally professional AND totally open about how I incorporate intuition into my mentoring AND my life. It IS me!

So I call BS on the old paradigm. I call BS on the old thoughts and fears.

Its time to be all you can be and to also allow others to be all they are.

In a high vibration society and world, we are all connected to our energy, our insight and all others. There is no fear. Our truth is rising and our acceptance of self also needs to rise.

The world needs the seers, the energy healers, the intuitives and the oracles more than ever.

And we fit in like another piece in the jigsaw. Perfectly.

Be courageous, put your fears aside. Be open to your own abilities and be open to those of others. You may be surprised with the new flow and grace of things.


Trish Rock | Transformation Catalyst | Intuitive Psychic

Trish helps you Connect with your Soul’s Vision, find Freedom & Purpose again with Ease, Grace & Flow to Live YOUR Most Authentic & Empowered Life.


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