How to raise your vibration.

In this video I talk about vibration, frequency and emotions. They are all related and indicate how you feel.

Raising your vibration is firstly an awareness by you that it would feel better to raise it, then an action has to take place to do this, and then a desire to feel better.

Acknowledging your emotions and feeling them, will allow you to move to higher vibrating emotions when necessary and also to enjoy the high vibe feelings of love, joy and freedom!

Spirituality is a daily way to live, not a destination.

Trish xo

Trish Rock | Psychic | Spiritual Guide | Transformation Mentor  

Trish is a Psychic, Spiritual Guide and Mentor who has been guiding people into new perspectives and clarity in their lives for over 30 years now. Sharing intuitive insights and messages from Spirit to allow and help you find freedom, purpose and flow again, you can enjoy more success, better relationships and greater passion every day with ease and grace.

Using Spiritual Connection, Intuitive Messages, Tarot, Oracle, Chakra Energy and Numerology Trish helps you find solutions to your current issues in life right now.

“You CAN have the life you desire and I would love to guide you through the how’s, the why’s and the way!” Trish xox

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