How To Find Peace Through The Chaos Of Relationship

Its been a fast paced energetic time, these last few months in particular, and especially around relationships. Interesting that we have had 5 planets in retrograde, including the communication planet of Mercury, yet even with the apparent ‘slowing down’ it all seems to have sped up…

Have you felt it?

Whether its friendships, children, partners, career or romantic connections, we have all been sorting through the maze of what we believe to be true, what we accept to be true and what our ACTUAL truth is. We are all discovering a certain amount of bullshit among it all too which until now, felt true but with our energetic and soul eyes open, we can FEEL into the Truth of us, our core, our energy, our essence.

This ‘sorting out’ is taking us one step closer to Being our truth as often as possible. The means that our flow increases in all areas of life but not only that, if we are actually coming from the truth of our Being…our health, mental and physical, improves too.

It’s a Holistic healing. love whispers

Relationships have been the focus for me recently and in particular, the memories and beliefs around old relationships, past romantic connections and experiences and the clearing of it all to reveal some beautiful Truths.

This has also allowed me to move forward in a whole new way, it has allowed me to shuffle my beliefs around to my advantage and it has enabled me to open space for new adventures in Love.

Are you ready for this too?

Have you been presented with the past recently?

How has it shown up for you?

For me it has been past romantic relationships and careers that have surfaced.

I have had moments lately where I have been reliving the whole experience of certain relationships, in my head, and feeling like my mind was never going to stop the chaotic churning over and over of the ‘could have beens’ and the ‘should have beens’!

Thank goodness we have had some beautiful grounding Taurus energy to keep us all from spinning into emotional wrecks!

Or maybe it was just me? Miss emotional Cancerian lady lol

Some good has come from these past weeks though, as always. The Universe delivers challenge to show us who we are.

I have learned that there are a few ways I can embrace the past that empower, rather than cause regret and sadness in reliving past events and in focusing on what could have been.

Maybe they will help you too.

  1. Be thankful

When we are thankful we are on a better space on the emotional ladder than when we are regretful, bitter or angry. Not only that, gratitude comes from a heart space, not the ego mind of the more negative emotions.

Be thankful for ALL of your past experiences and relationships for they have ALL brought you to this beautiful place HERE, NOW.

  1. Remember the best bits.

Often when we think about past lovers, old relationships, brief encounters, longer term relationships, marriages or the like that did not last, we focus on the bad bits. We focus on what went wrong. We focus on blame and we focus on what could have been if….


What if we focused on all the beautiful moments?

What if we focused on all the times our hearts were full?

What if we focused on how it felt to have that amazing Love? To have that incredible experience? To feel the way we did when we were so connected?

Remembering the fabulous feelings and emotions is a powerful way to find peace- in our minds and hearts.

Remembering the love will help us to invite more in.

Remembering the perfection will help to connect us to love once more.

It is…the way to live in the now.

  1. What you feel you manifest

Remember that how we feel manifests into more of that. So it is far better for us to be feeling from a heartspace of love and kindness, not only about the people who we Love now, but the people who have come and gone from our lives that we may also have loved once.

We can love another whether they are there, in our human lives, or not. Love comes from our core energy and time, distance, separation or death does not divide us from this core Love.

So, love the past, love the people that were in your past and keep those feelings with you as experiences of bliss and Joy that you are here to have in this lifetime.



Id  also like to mention here that we can create all of this angst about current partnerships or careers and relationships too! We can step out of our heartspace and focus on the things that make us upset, angry, hurt or any of those lower vibrations and emotions!

So even if you are currently in a relationship and are not feeling the Love…it is up to YOU to feel it within yourself first. Get back to the YOU that is focused on feeling good, on laughter, on fun, on Love. Not the one that is only seeing what’s wrong. The chaos that we can create in our minds about the past and also the present (because of old fears from the past we have not let go of) truly can take us over if we let it.

Peace comes when we are in our heart space.

Peace comes when we can Love and feel connected to all.

Peace comes, when we are OK with what IS, right NOW.

Peace can also come, through Love of what has been, who has crossed our path and who remains in our hearts.


Trish xo