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What would your inner yogi look like right now?

Centuries ago the sage Patanjali laid out a map of yogic principles of attitudes and behaviours, designed to help you on your path towards inner peace and liberation.

These ethical principles are known as the yamas and the nyamas. They are intended to lead you away from self suffering and self destruction towards ease, grace and greater happiness.

In the following list, there are many ways to find this inner calm and peace. Be conscious of which one appeals to you the most as you read through them as that will be where to begin your practice.

  • Ahimsa: Do Not Harm.

What beliefs do you hold that judge others, or are very negative, or create enmity between yourself and others? These beliefs prevent you from feeling at peace within yourself. Write down your top five negative beliefs. Practise detaching from them and observing them without judgment. This will help you release them and move towards a more peaceful state.

  • Satya: Truth.

The claim is that when you master truth, your words will come to pass. To practise Satya, don’t gossip, but instead, speak only of the highest in others. This will elevate you as well as the other.

  • Asteya: Non-Stealing.

The Yoga Sutras, or teachings, tell you that if you don’t steal then all good things will come your way. As well as property, you can steal another’s time, energy, happiness, and even their ideas.

  • Brahmacharya: Energy Conservation

Anything that overstimulates the body or the mind, whether it’s loud music, certain foods, inappropriate sex, or, driving yourself hard at work and in life so that you become stressed and burnt out, is not brahmacharya. Cutting out extraneous effort, information or tension is brahmacharya. It is about conserving your energy and using what you have wisely.

  • Aparigraha: non-grasping.

Stuff comes and goes, and accumulating it does not bring the inner satisfaction that our materialistic, consumption-driven society would have us believe. By acknowledging the abundance you already have in your life, and by the practice of gratitude you invite the attitude on non-grasping.

  • Saucha: Purity.

This concept of purity applies to the environment, the body, and the mind. When you keep your surroundings clean, you also help the mind feel calm. Clear clutter, and practice thinking positive thoughts.

  • Santosha: Contentment.

You can encourage contentment by creating the right space for it in your life. That starts with accepting life as it is. Life is not about perfection. We are all perfectly imperfect. No matter what life throws your way, when you practise being accepting, you can develop contentment.

  • Tapas: Right Effort.

When you commit to doing something and develop the discipline to do the work, even if your commitment is just 10 minutes a day, you are demonstrating right effort.

  • Svadhyaya: Self-Study

Happiness exists inside of us. The art of non-judgmental self-inquiry, of witnessing your own habits or asking, “Who am I?” can bring you into a closer relationship with the Divine. Non-judgment allows for self-empathy, which you can then extend towards others.

  • Ishvara Pranidhana: Dedication To The Highest.

The essence of this teaching is that in loving, serving, surrendering and devoting yourself to your higher power, to the greatness of the creation that is beyond your own self (and yet inclusive of it), you find that everything else fall into place. This practise is about making an artistic offering to the world, about bringing more love and beauty into the world. Moreover, when you practice this dedication to the highest, you will automatically be practicing Ahimsa (non-violence), Satya (truthfulness), and Asteya (not stealing).

Imagine yourself in total peace, health, happiness, Joy and vibrancy. It’s the building blocks to a long life of energy and abundance.

Try these practices. Start with the one that calls you the most.

Change that inner Yogi for better health and well being in all ways.

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