How I Freed Myself From Addiction

“The Secret of Health For Both Body and Mind Is To Live The Present Moment Wisely and Earnestly” Buddha

I only have 3 glasses of wine a night! What is wrong with that? Have you said this before? Are you saying it now and wondering what the fuss is about? I was saying it too… About a year ago my body started to show me that change was required before I destroyed it. I was not listening of course but I was fascinated that after a lifetime of good health and no issues, there were issues starting in my body. I didn’t like it!

  • Food was not digesting as it used to.
  • Things were appearing on my skin out of nowhere that the doctors couldn’t even explain.
  • I was also being drawn to higher levels of energy, understanding and vibration which was fascinating and it took me a while but I finally joined to dots.

Addictions are not new to me. I am one of those people who they say has ‘A very addictive nature’ (more on that later) and if its not one thing, its another. Cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, men, acceptance, validation, food… I believe we all have tendencies to go full out with something that makes us feel good. Whether that be a useful thing for us, or a destructive thing for us.

In my case, I believe I have a bit of both and I now focus on what brings positivity into my life and not any self harm or hate addictions. Alcohol has been a part of my life since I was an early teen and a very useful tool to numb the pain and hurt inside my heart. Ive had a couple of times where I didn’t drink but on the whole, it has been a part of my life. I know for a lot of us we don’t think that a few drinks every night is killing us, and maybe it isn’t the case for you but here is my story in the hope it will inspire you to try another way to freedom in your life.

So, over the last year and a lead up to it the year before, my body has been talking very loudly to me through feeling unwell, reacting to a lot of foods and having external reactions that were unexplainable. A few months ago I started to listen. There are a couple of reasons for this.

  1. I have a big vision of the purpose of my life and things are lining up now to reflect that
  2. My health was deteriorating (which affected my big vision!) and was affecting how I showed up. I was falling back into feeling like a victim and it was all too hard.

I have been led Divinely to some amazing mentors, coaches and healers over the past 12 months and I thank them all for showing up! I also thank myself for having the courage to see them when they did! One by one they have shown me what is happening and how I can step up and out of the self destruction path I was on. And the BIGGEST voice was my body.

On 27th March 2018 I ceased to drink alcohol.

I knew this was the last time. And we have all said that before about one thing or another only to find ourselves back where we started but if the reason and purpose is higher than the mundane issues of weight, social acceptance and other ‘human’ reasons then the old will not come back.

In the first 30 days I :

  1. Lost 6kgs effortlessly
  2. Reduced the arthritic lump in my finger by more than half
  3. Cleared up the skin issues I was having
  4. Increased my intuitive channels enormously
  5. Settled down my digestive issues
  6. Created a liver that functions well now
  7. Improved my energy
  8. Grown beautiful eyelashes! (I used to self harm and pull them out, esp when drinking)
  9. Adopted great habits of stillness, meditation and self healing

And I believe this is only the beginning of the transformation.

What am I doing?

Well, many things and they ALL stem from SELF LOVE and WORTH

  1. No more alcohol or anything that numbs how I feel
  2. I speak to my body like a soul lover and give it what it needs
  3. I listen to my body when choosing foods to digest
  4. I am now using valuable time to self heal through sound healing and energy
  5. I FEEL and let go of that which no longer resonates with me
  6. I check in with myself as to what area of my body and energy needs attention daily and use sound healing, meditation, crystals and energy work to improve it.
  7. I see healers and energy workers regularly for help, guidance and incredible transformation through their individual crafts.
  8. I love who I AM and BE that as often as possible (As a human we all experience the contrast of life daily so its the awareness of that which helps us to return to the higher feeling emotions)

How have I achieved such strong conviction this time over my addiction?

Unlike the other addictions I have had over time, alcohol was such a part of my life I didn’t actually know (or want to know!) who I was without it. This was the fear for me and this is also a fear that comes up for my clients- who will I BE without that?

The unknown can terrify us and keep us stuck.

My energy and vibration have been rising at a fast rate and as such, when I tuned into my body and asked it for its help, I realised that alcohol and many of the other foods I was eating are just too heavy for me now. I don’t believe or buy into, that I have any allergies or sensitivities as such but simply put- my body just does not want those things to digest any more.

As humans we can get so caught up in so many things but when we can actually just listen to our body- it will give us all the answers.

The other day for example I was hungry and at the shopping centre after work to get something for dinner. There was a charity sausage stall and the smell of that is SO enticing right! Thats why its so easy to part with a couple of dollars and get the sausage, onion and sauce in the bread! As soon as I thought it- my body said to me “Trish you only want it for the small sugar hit from the sauce- you know the sausage will have you burping for over an hour and the uncomfortable feeling of wind from the bread will have you feeling awful. Is it worth it? Go get another natural form of sugar”

This conversation that I now listen to every moment from my best friend and love- my innate- is now my saviour from the self destruction path I was on.

And I believe we can ALL have this conversation and while the information and changes will be different for each of us, this relationship will have you feeling better, looking better, more healthy, more connected and more in love with YOU.

What is your body trying to tell you right now?

Are you listening to it or to the fears that come up because of it?

I believe that true love and respect for ourselves MUST begin within ourselves and that includes how we treat our body and what we out into it.

This respect, love and honour then filters out to all those around us and we have far more compassion, love and empathy for others, because we have it for ourselves. I know many people seeing my transformation has thought it was a ‘diet’ or some ‘vitamins’ or some ‘plan’ or something else that we in society turn to on the external.

So, sorry to disappoint anyone but its all been a decision.

This transformation has been a decision to LOVE myself and let go of anything that is not that.

And I know that we are all capable of it.

But its ONLY 3 glasses of wine…that cant be hurting me!

It was destroying me from the inside out and Im grateful to now be listening.

Are YOU ready to transform?

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