Finding Peace in the Messiness

Life can get messy.

That’s the way of things. That’s the structure that allows for change, for evolving. And I am not talking about the physical and environmental messiness that humans can get themselves into (although it can be related)!

1. untidy or dirty.

2. confused and difficult to deal with.

Life can get very difficult to deal with and confusing. It is all part of the experience here however it can take hold and, in some cases, take over, pushing anything that feels like love, joy and happiness into such a deep dark corner that you can feel it will be that way forever.

In the midst of the storm, you cannot always see the other side and the solace of the eye of the storm can bring clarity to get through to the other side. But in the messiness of it all, how do you find the calm centre?

It’s a little bit trying to find a clear space in an overcrowded wardrobe, or a cluttered pantry, or a kitchen bench that has become a dumping ground. You can contemplate it, but then decide its all to hard.

But what if that small amount of effort to clear a space actually was your next step and the action propelled you out the other side of the storm?

I invite you to take a moment and consider this.

Staying in a mind that is constantly spinning with the same shit, the same scenarios, the same conversations and the same fear based reasonings is not only messy, but taking you spiralling down into more doubt and hopelessness.

You may think it will take too much to find peace here. Too much work. Too much sorting. Too much decluttering. Too much energy to give from an empty tank.

I want to show you that there is a beautiful way to begin, and all it takes sometimes is the first step, the beginning, the intention. The Universe will then step in and support you because you will be in the receiving mode.

5 Minutes of peace can make a massive difference. Even 1 minute!

All it takes to begin to declutter that wardrobe is one minute of bravery to clear a small space. Tidy that kitchen bench by staring with removing one thing and clearing a space. Take a few moments to clear a space in your mind.

Lets do this together- right now

Close your eyes if you can.

I want you to breathe in with the intention of bringing your breath all the way to the bottom of your lungs so that your stomach expands. Be aware of it traveling in and down through your body. Slowly. Deliberately.

As you breathe out, be aware once again of the breath leaving your body, traveling up from the lungs and exiting.
Do this slowly three times. (hang in there because it’s the third one that’s the kicker!)

Now, in this space, you will notice your mind coming to life again with different thoughts and things running through your head.
• What happened yesterday
• the washing on the line
• what’s that noise outside?
• will it rain tomorrow?
• will my health improve?….

you will also have a voice saying
• ‘This is stupid!”
• “Its not doing anything!”
• “Why am I wasting my time?”

I want you to see all of those as little boats that are floating along a river in front of your eyes. Yes, notice it, but then let it travel on through.


Its as simple as that!

You may think this is not powerful enough to find peace, but in a mind of messiness where you cannot see the other side of the storm, one moment of calm will give you space to ground, centre and then choose a new thought, a new action. It could even give you the 20 seconds of courage it takes to do something different!

Finding the centre of the storm, and finding a few moments of peace can be the catalyst for greater peace and a way out of any messiness.

Even those small moments in time when you are thrown into chaos through a job loss, a separation, an illness or another event or curveball.

The other thing I want you to know is that the solutions you seek are in the silence, in the peace. They are not found in the messiness. And it is madness to keep looking for the solution in the chaos.

Blessings and love xo

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