#30Blogs30Days #Day17

For a long time through my life I allowed others to influence my self worth through statements such as:

  • “You are too moody!”
  • “You are too sensitive!”
  • “You are too emotional!”

I started to think, hey, maybe I am…

And in those relationships, which did not last, I shrank, I became less of myself.

Nowadays I am learning to be ok with all of this and why wouldn’t I be! It is who I am.

And you are resonating with this then it is part of you too!

I have had over 110 engagements on social media today with this image. So my guess is that it resonates with many many people!

So what is the difference between sensitive, empathic and emotional people?

Lets take a look at each of them and see where you see yourself right now. Maybe you identify with all of them!

  1. Sensitive

Some people are Highly Sensitive People, or HSP’s. Here are some of the signs you may be a highly sensitive person:

  • You absolutely abhor violence and cruelty of any kind.
  • You’re frequently emotionally exhausted from absorbing other people’s feelings.
  • Time pressure really rattles you.
  • You withdraw often.
  • You’re jumpy.
  • You think deeply.
  • You’re a seeker.
  • Sudden, loud noises startle you.

Often these symptoms will create emotional reactions and empathic reactions so an onlooker may not understand what the issue really is and simply blame you for being an emotional roller coaster.

  1. Empath

Empaths are really sensitive to the energies and feelings of others. Here are some of the signs you may be an empath:

  • Major empathy.
  • Easily overwhelmed.
  • Strong intuition.
  • Love of nature.
  • Dislike of crowds.
  • Deep caring.
  • Problem solving.
  • High sensitivity.

Often these symptoms will show up as a highly sensitive person or an emotional person.

  1. Emotional

Emotional people are very sensitive to their feelings and rather than remaining in the logic and not being touched by certain situations, they feel them greatly.

Highly emotional people are those who tend to feel things more intensely than the average person and are particularly responsive to emotional cues.

Now, in any given situation when a response comes to life, especially in relationship, how do we determine which of these is reacting within us or the other person? For me, I am all 3 at different times and different situations!

The answer is- it doesn’t matter.

The person is reacting in the way that is their personality and way, and this should be respected and let be.

This is not to say we cannot offer support but to not allow this expression to take place because it brings up fears in you, then that is not allowing the person to be their authentic self.

And if this is you, don’t allow others to stop you from feeling the way you do. Its is ok to be you.

So as I create a new relationship and call in the one, he is also manifesting me and will appreciate and love these parts of me that I can now freely express.

Maybe these words will also inspire you to remain authentic and FEEL the way you do and will.


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