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A few days back I noticed something interesting about what was going on in my thoughts.

I am in a transformation process being the energy and identity of the version of me that has dropped all the benefits of being single and bringing in a relationship.

The thoughts I am having and the memories that are arising are noticeably different to what I am used to and I find it very interesting that even though I thought I was ready to manifest this in before, it could not have ever come to being with the old thoughts.

So what has the difference been?

Well, for many years now I have always seemed to remember what went wrong in relationships. Was it my fault. Could I have done better. Why was he not emotionally open. What was the attraction in the first place to this disaster! Lol  What if’s and more what if’s.

Now I find myself going directly to the beautiful amazing times I had when in love. The devotion and love I felt. The safety and security. The pleasure. The delight. The fun!

I really feel this makes a huge difference and here is why.

We bring in what we think about. We create everything in our reality through our thoughts. Nothing external is making you, or forcing you, to feel anything you do not desire to feel. You choose in any situation HOW you wish to react and feel about it.

This is never more so true than in the thoughts I was thinking.

How could I attract someone in to my life when energetically I was repelling it through the emotions that my thoughts were creating?

I want to ask you now. What are you thinking?

If you are desiring to invite a new partner in…what are you thinking?

Here are 3 steps I have taken that you may like to also do:

  1. Work out the benefits of being single
  2. Ask yourself if any of them are really true for you anymore
  3. Begin to think about the love and beauty where you felt held, heard and loved in previous relationships and cease to think about what went wrong.

These are your starting blocks and if you truly are ready, could start changing your energy and what you are attracting (or not attracting)

And this scenario is true for any change you wish to see in any relationship.

The focus must be on what you desire and feel good about, not what you don’t want or feel bad about.

Let me know in the comments if this has resonated at all and if you had an ah ha moment you will implement!

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