Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions – Do THIS Instead

How often have you made a New Year’s resolution only to have it fail by the end of the 1st January?

Perhaps you made a few and went really well for the first few days, perhaps even a week or so, until…another fail.

Look, I am not saying they don’t work but for me, and perhaps you who are reading this, there needs to be a better way to create something special and different in life in the New Year.

So, the way I have done this over the past several years is to create intentions rather than resolutions.

They are, in fact, very closely related and could be seen as the same thing however the words have different emotional meanings and therefore, reactions, actions and results.

A resolution is very harsh. It is a goal that must be achieved. Its an ultimatum that says ‘if you don’t stick to this, you will fail!’



  1. a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Your New Year resolutions may feel great when you set them but when you sway from them, the feeling is pretty crappy!

An intention is a lot softer yet just as powerful!



  1. a thing intended; an aim or plan.

When you intend rather than be resolute, you not only are a lot easier on yourself but you also allow the universe to play its part here and open you up to possibilities for the success of your intention, that you may not have thought or imagined! It can still be a firm decision but it feels less harsh.

Let’s take a common one as an example

“I will give up smoking on the 1st Jan!”

This is a firm decision that leaves no room for any other options. It works for some people and I applaud that resolve.

It never worked for me 20  years ago when I was a smoker! I actually felt the rebel in me coming to the fore each and every time saying

‘ ha! I can do whatever I want and I don’t have to stick to that!’

When I did stop smoking it was with an intention. My intention to be a non smoker.

This was not a struggle, was not hard and did not get my inner rebel going. I did not feel I was giving anything up and therefore, was not missing anything.

You can use any example here.

What is it that you want to change in 2021?

Have you tried New Year resolutions before?

If it did not work then, will it be different this year?

The way that resolutions CAN be useful is in more of a goal type of statement, rather than in the changing of anything suddenly.

For instance, a resolution to be more strategic in your business in 2021, which happens to be one of my resolutions or goals! This is a plan for the year, not for the first day of it. There is a difference!

Now, for the immediate things you wish to change in 2021 set your intentions.

You could write them in your journal, and I would suggest about 5-10 in various areas of your life right now. I assist clients with this at all times of the year because we can always reset our reality and create transformation in our life whenever we choose to do so.

Let’s get back to the example of smoking (but could be anything you want to stop doing or start doing!) and your intention could look something like this:

I intent to be a non smoker in 2021.

With this statement you have already decided. You have already resolved to be a non smoker. You have already set the goal however it feels a lot smoother, kinder to yourself, easier to achieve and is open to many ways to achieve that!

Action now needs to be taken to make this a reality but if you happen to have a relapse you will not beat yourself up and feel like a failure. You will be able to begin again, and again if necessary because all the while you are becoming the non smoker. Eventually it will stick. You will seek the help or people you need to make it a reality. It will happen.

The second intention could be about the action you will take:

I intend to find the support that will help me become a non smoker

And anything you intend in this way is more likely to happen for you than the resolution.

Action is required for both, but from my experience, I have been more likely to take action on an intention than a resolution. Interesting isn’t it? How about you?

What will your New Year Intentions be?

How do you want your life to look by the end of 2021 and what needs to happen for you to be that person? Start creating it now through your imagination, your intentions, and your end goals.


Trish xo

Trish Rock | Helping Women Move From Confusion, Overwhelm & Uncertainty To Calm, Peace & Clarity | Intuitive Guide & Transformation Coach