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‘Whether You Think You Can Or Think You Cannot, You Are Right’   Henry Ford

So many of us have limiting beliefs, not only about ourselves but what is possible in life to achieve.

Often it is not even something you might notice. It will be that ‘thing’ that others have, do or be. It will be that achievement that only others can be celebrated for. It will be that strength or courage that is in other people, not you.

I feel that for a huge percentage of our lives we simply live a small life, thinking (and having learnt in many cases) that this is all we are capable of or deserve.

Is it any wonder there is the tall poppy syndrome that pulls you back in when you rise higher or leave the ‘safe’ herd. So much fear and fear based actions which actually has little to do with the one rising up or doing something different, but more to do with the ones who are not exercising their freedom to BE, DO or HAVE anything they desire!

I feel this interferes with any Law of Attraction processes you may decide to embark on too because no matter what you try or learn, if you do not believe you can…you wont.

So, do you think you can?

Or do you think you cannot?

Have you dared to dream or have you decided that the opinion of others was correct all these years and you ‘cannot’?

One brave step in the next new direction is all it takes to get the momentum started.

What will it be for you?

Do you believe you Can?


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