Are You The Driver Or Passenger In Your Own Life?

In life there are passengers and drivers. The passenger is someone who goes along for the ride, often leaving decisions and responsibility for someone else. The drivers in life are the people who take responsibility for their actions and direct their own destiny.

If you want to lead a successful and fulfilling life and you need to stop being a passenger and be the driver. If you need to know how to recognize passenger and driver tendencies then you’ve come to the right place.

Here are a few character traits that make up passengers and drivers.

Personal Responsibility

When it comes to personal responsibility passengers and drivers can’t be more different. These two character classification are most easily identified by how each of them handles personal responsibility.

A passenger does not take personal responsibility for the events in their life.

You can recognize passengers by the way they speak and react to problems.

Passengers will often say things like “this happened to me.” While acknowledging the situation happened to them, passengers often avoid taking on the responsibility of causing or taking part in events leading up to the problem.

Drivers are not going to avoid personal responsibility. In fact, they take it upon themselves to make sure they are directing their path and way of life. Drivers feel personally responsible for all of their decisions and the results of their actions. Drivers may often take on more responsibility than necessary because it is in their nature.

Gaining New Skills

Another personality trait that differs greatly between passengers and drivers is their desire to gain new skills to further their goals and pursuits.

Passengers will often take signs that their underqualified as an unavoidable roadblock. Lacking skills or certifications will make them avoid pursuits of anything further in that field.

Drivers on the other hand will tackle the challenge of under qualification by trying to gain the skills necessary to excel in their chosen pursuit.

Drivers will take their life in their own hands by choosing to pursue their dreams and goals through the attainment of new skills. Where a passenger sees a lack of skills as a dead end, a driver sees a lack of skills as an opportunity to learn something new.

Passengers and Drivers in Relationships

When you have close relationships, it is important to understand that not everyone can be a passenger and not everyone can be a driver. At any given moment the role of driver in a relationship may change from person to person. It is important to remember that when choosing the direction, the relationship will go, both parties have equal say. Because interpersonal relationships require open communication, for all parties to be satisfied it’s important to consider a copilot method. This enables both parties to have input into the direction of the relationship.

If one person is always the driver and one person is always the passenger, people end up with resentments and dissatisfaction. Without input from both parties relationships can stagnate and die.

Become a copilot in your interpersonal relationships in order to make them successful. If you are tired of feeling like everything happens to you, and that you have no control in your life, then it’s time to step up and become the driver of your own destiny.

Drivers choose what skills to attain to achieve their goals.

Drivers also take personal responsibility for their actions and the results of their work.

It’s important to note that in interpersonal relationships drivers are also considerate of other people and will take in advice from a partner or copilot when directing the relationship in new pursuits.

You don’t always have to be the driver of your destiny. Sometimes the situation calls for you to simply be a passenger and observe the scenery around you.

However, if you are experiencing dissatisfaction, the time is now, step up and become a driver.  

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