Are You Still Living In The Past?

There are many reasons why you may be stuck in the past. Perhaps your life has taken a downward turn and your circumstances are not as good as they once were. Or, if you’re like many other trauma survivors, memories of trauma keep you in the past and stop you from living in the moment.

Whether you are struggling to let go of a hurtful memory or you desire to be present with your friends and family, mindfulness can help you achieve these goals. Learning how to be mindful can take practice. Here are some of the easiest ways to practice mindfulness so you can stop living in the past.

Your Mind Won’t Be Quiet

Mindfulness is often associated with quiet meditation. Those who do not practice mindfulness may have the idea that their mind should be blank when they practice a mindful meditation. According to Mindful. org that is not the goal. The whole goal is to be present in the current moment. A mindful meditation wants you to check in with your thoughts, emotions, and physical body. Your thoughts and emotional health are an important part of this practice.

The thing to remember is that if your mind begins to wander to yesterday’s events or tomorrow’s to-do list, then it is time to refocus on being present in the moment. They call it a meditation practice because that’s exactly what it is, practice. Don’t get frustrated if you keep having to redirect your thoughts to the present moment. This is all part of being mindful.

Eventually you will be able to stay present longer and longer. You will stop letting your past memories control you or your future worries rob you of the present.


Have you ever been in a line? Stuck in traffic? These instances can cause frustration for many because they are out of our control and they cause our minds to wonder into the past or future. There is nothing that can be done about past events.

Allowing our thoughts to dwell in places that make lines frustrating and angry places is not healthy. This is one reason that mindfulness is best practiced while waiting. You are randomly given these moments of waiting during your day. Instead of using them to fuel your anger and rage, use them to quiet your mind and become truly present. Life Hack recommends that the best way to wait patiently is to shift your focus.

Instead of looking to past memories or future problems you should concentrate on the things, people, and environment around you. If you are still drawn into the past, try observing your breathing. These two techniques can help you learn to be more present minded.

No Judgement

One of the biggest reasons for mindfulness according to Psychology today is that we start to show up for our lives. We are no longer sitting on the sidelines, distracted by past events. Replaying mistakes and passing judgement on ourselves over and over again while life passes us by. Mindfulness allows you to understand the present actions are more important than past events or future problems. It also helps free you from constant judgement of yourself and others.

When you stop judging people you become a more compassionate person. It is easier to understand people when you are present with them. The same is true of yourself, your knowledge of your inner self becomes clearer and you view your past actions with more compassion and understanding. No matter the reason you begin a mindfulness practice you are going to benefit from it.

Mindfulness can help you truly enjoy your family, friends, and social activities. You will be more productive at work and at home because you are no longer distracted by thoughts about the past.

Understanding that you cannot solve future problems will free you to enjoy yourself in the moment at hand.  

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