A New Perception Into A New Humanity

One of the things that has been really clear lately is how, as humans, we can get so determined to dig our heels in to a certain point of view or perspective.

Not only in their own experiences but in the general world experience right now.

We can see clearly the divide, but can you see the divide within your own life?

For most of my life I have been helping people to see other perspectives on their situations and experiences but now moreso than ever I feel this is where we all are required to be in our daily lives.

Clients come to me with a problem, an issue, a stuckness or a story and immediately I can see another point of view, another perspective.

It is not something I have to try to do and as such, have accepted this as a beautiful gift I have been given to serve people and help them breakthrough old beliefs and ways of seeing things.

Lets talk about our perceptions for a moment.

The only thing that keeps us in any experience of reality is the perception we have of that experience. What we think about that experience and how we choose to allow ourselves to feel.

The external you are experiencing is simply proof showing up for you that your belief is real.

For example:

Working with a client recently I was able to show her that the experiences that were showing up for her in life were actually just proof of a belief she took on at a young age. That belief kept her safe emotionally at the time and became imprinted so much so that her life rolled out in a way that kept proving that belief of insignificance and being unseen. The belief was a perception at the time, and the subconscious locked it in as the ‘safe’ alternative which then kept playing out to enforce that perception.

Because she was open to a new perspective, we were able to shift this old belief and dissolve the fear emotionally around it and there are different experiences playing out in her life now. Ones of significance and value.

But not everyone is ready for a change in perception.

Like the person recently that was still desperately and sadly stuck in a breakup that happened 2 years ago.

Or the client who came to me for help and advice on the health of herself and her family but was so stuck in the shadows, the worst scenarios and the darker cards that came out about the situation that she couldn’t see the beautiful bright happy, sunny cards that were also there explaining the positive perspectives.

And whatever it is and wherever you are at that is all ok too. Im not here to judge but I am here to offer a new way of seeing things that will help you live your best life.

Now, if you are being hypnotized by the news right now and feel you need to take sides, or have done so already, that all good too but what I want to say is that we are all right.

Your perspective is just as right as my perspective and the way forward is to respect that and allow others to have their own points of view.

This is a shift within yourself when all is said and done because the opinion of another person is most likely triggering something in you and you NEED them to be different so that YOU feel better.

The work here is for YOU to feel better, to feel good, to feel free and peaceful NO MATTER WHAT anyone else believes.

Your perception of life has come from your unique experience and no one else has it.

Your perception of this life experience has also been shaped by beliefs and emotional boundaries that you can change at any time simply by asking yourself- what other perspective is there on this? Is it really true what I believed about it? Can I shift how I saw it so that I can feel differently about it?

This work is becoming easier as we raise in vibration.

But it is also butting up against resistance.

There will always be contrast in this world, and in fact in all life. The Law of Polarity (everything has its opposite)  and Correspondence (as above, so below) are always in effect.

The New Human sees life from a whole new level of perception. Like a play running in front of their eyes, the witness behind the eyes determines what they wish to experience and then puts the perspectives, thoughts, feelings and actions in place to demonstrate, and if you like, prove that.

The New human knows we are simply here for a moment and just playing out a personality in this reality to expand the soul in some way.

Your perspective on things can either keep you peaceful, happy and free or in sadness, despair and fear.

What will you choose today?

You, as a human, have that power.

You, as a soul, also know that whatever you choose is perfect right now.



Trish xo

Trish Rock | Helping Women Move From Confusion, Overwhelm & Uncertainty To Calm, Peace & Clarity | Intuitive Guide & Transformation Coach