A Message of Love, Freedom & Choice going into 2021

At the end of every year we say-phew! I sure am glad that year is over! Cant wait for the new!

This year I feel that while many will still be saying that and already have been for the past 6 months lol- there are also many now who are celebrating what was, as the turning point in their lives, and in the lives of humans here on this planet.

A year when we began to understand the freedoms we really do have and the ones we wish to claim back. A year when we let go of what was no longer in alignment and decided to do what brings joy and peace instead.

A year when a lot of this expansion and growth was forced upon us in uncomfortable ways yet necessary for the now.

A 4 Universal year which was all about restructure and new foundations so we can feel more safe and secure within, and then realise that externally.

The whole Universe seemed to restructure in this year. The planets coming into a different alignment, the planet realigning, nature restructuring into more sustainable glimpses, humans shifting and changing, governments, institutions, and all things in between- all shifting, changing and becoming more in alignment with the new vibrational age we have embarked upon now.

Of course, chaos and discomfort come along for the ride whenever there is change but for the ones who chose to stay in their own energy and align themselves internally, the challenges may have been a bit less daunting.

Many were emotionally and physically destroyed during this time and are in the stage now where they may be in surrender and healing, resetting their energy to be more of who they truly are.

Whatever your experience was, it is ok. Nothing is by accident or random. If you can be in acceptance of that then all things, people and experiences become a blessing that helps your expansion and vibration.

Going in to 2021- we will be experiencing the aftermath and last bits of the 2020 energy.

A 5 Universal year you will be presented with the opportunities to choose how you experience your life, what freedom looks like for you and a deeper understanding of who you are and expressing that empowered energy.

Mooji says- There is only one planet Earth, but there are millions of worlds.

What does this mean?

It means that each and every one of us is a unique individual and we are interpreting our experience here in a unique way too. We are all in our own world. We are also as a collective, in a ‘common’ reality where we can all feel the unity of our life here.

The question I want to pose to you right now, as we enter 2021, is:

How do you wish YOUR world looked?
You energetically have so much support this coming year to absolutely create the life you choose, therefore the world you choose.

Stepping out of the need or control of anyone else to have your world look the same as theirs.

Stepping out of any old beliefs that you are not enough and that you must create your world based on what others are doing.

Stepping out of the habit of being unconscious as you go about your daily business and instead, being in the moment and choosing how you feel, what you think, what actions you will take based on that moment.

The choice will be yours, as it always has been. But in 2021 it will feel more in alignment to be making choices based on your world, rather than anyone elses.

You have your own unique journey here. No one else can even begin to know the journey and only you can create the world, the reality, that matches that purpose.

Make this your goal for 2021.

Intend to stay present.

Intend to create a world within you that is in alignment with who you are and the purpose you are.

Do what it takes to stay present moment and to have the confidence in your decisions and choices.

Start the spiritual practices and practical exercises or tools that will strengthen your resolve, courage and clarity.

You matter. Your world matters. Your energy matters.

You are surrounded by love and support always.

If you are not feeling that, make the choice to go within and discover the truth about you. You are magnificent. A miracle. You were born- and that is the only reason you need to know and understand how deserving and worthy you are.

2021 is giving you the opportunity to live this now. Choose you. Choose you.

Choose peace. Choose freedom, Choose love. Choose unity.