5 Ways to Survive A Toxic Work Place

Over the past few months I have seen an increasing number of people coming to me seeking advice on how they can change their employment situation as it is very toxic and hurtful.

It saddens me that this workplace environment of fear and bullying exists still, let alone is increasing with no signs that the management or powers that are in place in the some of the larger, and government, companies are doing anything to change it.

I have seen however that there are many, many new types of business and company environments that have an energy of self worth, joy and love rather than the fear and toxicity.

So this is great!

I believe the work places are experiencing the change in our world too and as the Love rises, so does the fear unfortunately but I feel over time that the people who are creating or spreading this toxicity and bad behavior, will face their fears and open their hearts to love.

And if you are one of the people with great, high energy in these environments, then even though it is challenging for you to be there, rest assured that your beautiful energy is certainly working behind the scenes! But how can you overcome the daily challenge this presents, knowing that you have to stay for financial reasons, or that finding other work would be very limiting for you.

Leaving can be the answer but it is not possible for everyone immediately. So, if you are heading to this toxic work environment daily, how can you do this and still keep your energy, your joy and your sanity!

Here are 5 tools you can put into place that may help you:

  1. Leave

If you are able to leave the situation then this would be my first recommendation! I understand its not possible for everyone but take the change of looking into other employment options and see whats around. You just never know what gifts and surprise the Universe has for you as soon as you take the first steps!

I would recommend looking outside of the company or at least to a better more friendly environment within the same company.

  1. Disconnect Emotionally

If you are sensitive and an empath (which all of my clients have been) you will be feeling this environment more than others. It will affect you the most and often you will be taking the energy of the others around you with you, after work.

If you are not aware that it is another persons energy you can really struggle with it, especially if you carry it around long term. Its important to separate yourself from the negative feelings and toxic emotions at the end of the day and if needed, during the day.

My suggestion is to ‘sweep’ your body with your hands, either by touch or in your energy field, starting from the top of your head and flowing all the way down to your toes. As you are sweeping the energy away from you say: “Whatever energy does not belong to me right now I return to sender with love”

This will instantly allow you to release whatever is not yours and you should feel better. Any emotions that are still there may be yours that you can then look at and clear. Its also important not to take anything that is said to you personally. It is their fear, not you.

  1. See the fear in the bullies and feel compassion for them.

This can be challenging when you are the victim or are very emotionally defeated or hurting but if you can summon your strength to truly see the fear in the other person and find compassion on your heart, you will be able to release yourself from taking it personally.

This is not about accepting what they are doing or saying nor is it about rolling over and forgetting the hurt you feel but it WILL allow you to see the frightened inner child in them and this will detach you from the emotional turmoil you normally would feel.

  1. Centre Yourself with breath

Take a moment to breathe.

Deeply, into your stomach and fill up your lungs on the way. Hold it. Sigh quietly when you let it out.

Taking a moment to centre yourself will also allow you to act from a more balanced place that to be Reacting from a stirred up emotional space.

This will help you stay calm and not get caught up in their dramas.

  1. Crystals

Whether you are a crystal person or not, they will help!

If you are connected to crystals then I imagine you have a nice collection in and around your desk and body already!!

If not, or don’t know how to start, I would suggest a Jet and a Rose Quartz.

What will they do? Well, the Jet will absorb negative energy and the Rose Quartz will help you find the loving energy within yourself. For me, when I needed this in the workplace,  I would hold the Jet if the environment or people around me where getting negative, toxic, gossipy or the like. I felt protected and that the energy was not soaking into me but the crystal.

Then if I was having trouble with finding the love in any situation I would hold my Rose Quartz and ‘feel’ the Love for a few moments.

You may have other crystals that work for you but if you are just beginning to sue them as tools, these 2 will certainly help.

It can be truly challenging to be in situations where we do not wish to be, draining our energy, hurting our hearts, affecting our health and attitude to life but where we HAVE to be for the moment due to finances etc.

These are all simple suggestions to gain your power and energy back so that at the end of the day you are still in a good frame of mind and you still have the energy to go about living a joyful life outside of work.

Until more is done inside some of these bigger institutions it will be up to us as individuals to protect ourselves and our own energy but I feel times are changing and as the fear rises, so does the Love.

Let me know if this has happened to you and if these tools have been useful for you.