5 Signs You Are Blocking Money

Are you blocking money from your life?

Are you blocking energy flow?

They are the same thing really and I will explain why as we go along in this article.

Firstly though, I want to ask you something:

Are you blaming the lack of money flow:

  • On the outside circumstances?
  • The government?
  • Other people?
  • Just the way it is!?

Or do you understand there must be:

  • An energetic block?
  • A mindset block?
  • A subconscious lack or poverty thought that you have not identified as yet?
  • Things CAN be different?

Can you recognise that it is an internal energy block and nothing to do with outside circumstance- even though you keep blaming others, the government, the weather…?

I used to blame others.


I stayed there for a long time unfortunately and despite my best efforts, the old patterns, beliefs and subconscious lack and poverty mindset were too strong for me to gently overcome.

The courage and determination to MAKE THE DECISION to change is always the hard yards. After that, well, it becomes relatively easy!

You could make the decision RIGHT NOW to stop whatever is blocking you and have money flow to you again! It takes focus. It takes resolve. It takes understanding.

I want to help you today to understand in a simple way, why you might be blocking money and other forms of energy, how, and the way to turn it around.

It will however require firstly the belief that it is energetic.

So, if you believe that to be true and are done with the blame of outside circumstance, then read on. 

Here are 5 ways that Money Blocks could be showing up in your life right now and how you can change them:


  1. You are broke

This one is pretty obvious right! But the question to yourself needs to be: “WHY am I broke?”

In answering this, be honest with yourself. DO NOT include BLAME in any form here- either to other people OR yourself.

(This could also show up for you if you are asset rich but cash poor)

Simply do some free writing.

Take a piece of paper or your journal and at the top of the page write: Why Am I Broke?

Then breathe, relax, and let the pen flow.

Now, in the beginning there may be anger or sadness that come out on the page BUT please keep going because after this, comes the Truth.

And from the Truth, you can change. You can turn things around.

The answers you find here will give you massive clues as to where you can begin to change.

Once again, stay out of blame here, especially for yourself. We can all to often beat up on ourselves for bad decisions or actions however today is a new day- you can begin anew from here- with better decisions and outcomes.


  1. Your job is paying less for more work OR your business is in a downturn

If this is your situation you have an issue RECEIVING.

So, if the issue in not about how much money COULD come to you and about how much you are WILLING to receive, how can you shift that?

Receiving is the block here.

And because money is just an energy, it has gotten caught up in the general flow of ‘not receiving’ that could be coming from a past life, a past experience, the feeling of unworthiness, low value and self esteem or old fears that are keeping you stuck here.

Let me ask you this: “How well do you receive a compliment? Do you shrug it off or accept it?”

Have a think about the last time someone complimented you on your hair, dress, eyes, smile.

  • What did you do?
  • How did you feel?
  • What did you say?

This will be a big clue in your receiving energy and is also the best place to begin the change. If you can accept a compliment, then you will begin to accept and receive other energy that comes your way- like money.

If this is still very difficult for you to do OR you don’t feel you have any self worth, value or self love issues, then you are still in a non receiving mode.

You do have the power to change this. Will you?


  1. The old answers and solutions are simply not working anymore

Stubbornness and old energy can block the new (and as we know now, money is also energy!).

If you have been doing the same thing for many years, you may have the attitude- Is has worked for the past…(insert YOUR number)…years! Why should I change now! Then the answer is – you don’t HAVE to change- but if you WANT things to change, things have to change.

You see we are not in masculine energy any more. Now, you don’t have to be woo-woo, New Age or Spiritual to understand this concept.

In the masculine energy- life, work and business was about control, doing, pushing through, forging forward and fear.

In the new World/Universal energy of the feminine, life, work and business is about cooperation, collaboration, ease, intuitive, compassion and empathy.

If you are still doing things the old way, they will not be working. Your solutions will not be relevant. The answers you arrive at will not fit with the new energy.

So, the way forward here is to truly listen to the inspiration of your heart. Inspiration means ‘in Spirit’ and on a practical level this relates to- you cannot logic your way out of every situation and the solution is often an inspired thought or new opportunity that shows itself when you get out of your head and into your heart.

Money will come in the form of new solutions, new inspirations, new opportunities.

Will you get out of your own way and receive it?


  1. You are ignoring a deeper call for change

This is an interesting block and not everyone will be open to do the work here.

Ending old patterns, changing old mindsets, shifting old outdated beliefs about our self can be intimidating work BUT should you choose to do it- very satisfying, illuminating and LIFE CHANGING!

A deeper inner calling for change is actually always at play however when we ignore it, and ignore it, and ignore it, it will get to the point where it wants to be heard so much that it has to show up in the physical.

This could be in the form of energy blocks, or money blocks. It could also show up in your physical body and prevent you from earning money!

Energy blocks come in many forms but one of the most obvious is when they affect our way of living, our lifestyle and our freedom.

If this is the case for you, take some time to listen to your body and your inner voice.

The answers are always there and whether you choose to listen or not, they will keep reminding you.

Get quiet today, right now. What are you hearing? What are you feeling?


  1. The wheel of fortune has stopped turning in your favour

This can be a real victim mindset rabbit hole we dig for ourselves.

When life is not turning in the usual comfortable way, we panic and think that this is the only time it has been bad!

When you can actually look at this from a duality point of view you will appreciate that there is always contrast.

  • No black without white
  • No Light without dark
  • No right without wrong
  • No up without down
  • And so forth.

There is no right or wrong here. It just is. And if you can have this attitude and mindset when the chips are down, you will get that wheel of fortune spinning far quicker in the other direction again.

If you stay in the down turn energy, the resistance to the improvement will be slower.

The wheel of fortune is always an opportunity.

If it is spinning in your favour it gives you the opportunity to be grateful for what you have.

If it is spinning out of favour, it is an opportunity to be grateful for all you have.

So try to look at this situation as the next step and what can you learn from it right now?

Gratitude and appreciation will get that wheel spinning in your favour far quicker and with more ease.


I hope these tips will help you navigate whatever situation you find yourself in right now with cash flow, money or lifestyle.

Remember that when we are blocking energy through one of the above ways, not only money gets blocked but many others things that we deem as important.

It is all energy.

It can all be unblocked.

It starts in your heart and mind and if you have the resolve to do the inner work, make the mental and expressive changes, you will see the changes begin to then appear in the external and before you realise it, the blocks are lifted once again.

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