5 ‘Labour Pain’ Signs of Moving In To 5th Dimensional Living

Beings who are exploring the Material World and taking a Stand for its Validity,

Suffer from the Illusion of Separation from their Spirit – referenced from www.powersthatbe.com

Are you feeling emotional, experiencing unusual body pain or extra resistance right now and wondering why this is so?

Entering 2017, we are aware that this year is a 1 year in numerology (2+0+1+7=10=1). This represents new beginnings, the start of a new cycle of 9 years and the reinvention of us and our lives if we choose, using the past 9 years as the internal change we needed to now step into even further growth and understanding. (Read the article I wrote about 2017 being a 1 year and how this affects us: READ ARTICLE)

As an energy consciousness, we are also moving into new understanding and multidimensional layers with our understanding, growth and spirit. The past 9 year cycle has made us acutely aware of the fact that there is MORE to us that the physical. And this allows us now to begin embracing the 5th Dimension energy.

Coming to this place of seeing and feeling more than our human senses allow, many of us are feeling what I’m calling ‘labour pains’ as we shift to higher energies.

These energies are not exclusive. They are not for the elite. They are not only for the ones who do the most inner work. They are actually the energies that we all BE and the closer you get to feeling the connection of ALL that you are, the higher the energy vibration you exist in.

The labour pains that we may be feeling are an indication of how that connection is feeling in our bodies and minds right now. Our spirit, or soul, is always connected, and when we feel out of alignment, or out of sorts, or unlucky, or unwell, or stressed, or depressed, or anxious, it is simply our source letting us know we are not, in that moment, aligned with the greater part of ourselves.

As RUMI so beautifully put it: You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop.   

Moving from a 3 dimensional existence to the alignment of a 5 dimensional flow can take some time and while you are shifting, there could be signs that you are making that energy change.

These ‘labour pains’ will often times feel awkward, challenging, painful and never ending but once the shifts have taken place, the joy and ecstasy will counteract all you have been through and you may even forget the most challenging parts. The birth of new ways is ultimately why you chose to come to this time/space reality!

In The Material World
One seeks retirement and grows old
In The Magical World
One seeks Enlightenment and grows Wiser
In The Miraculous World
One seeks nothing and grows Lighter

As we all tread the Homeward Path
We will explore many Realms
And one day… we will all Realize
That all experiences are Simply
Different ways in which the
All-That Is
Perceives Itself   Referenced from www.powersthatbe.com


Lets now look at how these may show up for you.

5 ‘Labour Pain’ Signs of Moving In To 5th Dimensional Energy

1. Joy Will Override Negativity

As you become attuned to a higher frequency of existence, you become aware that the feelings of Joy truly are innate in you and are your ‘home’ state.

Being here as a human in the 3D you have evolved to allow the outside, or external factors, affect how you feel on an energetic level. The negativity (in all the lower vibration energies and emotions) that comes with this can consume your existence and up to now, has for many people.

What you feel when you shift into a 5d existence is the dissipating emotional responses and the feelings of negativity. Yes they may come up but they do not stay. They do not interest you as much as staying in your true Joy.

In 3D you can become attached to the negativity and it becomes your identity, so when you are guided or  move to a different energy and mindset there is often pain and grief associated as you ‘lose’ the old identity that was serving you as a victim and grow to the new identity that has you BEING the innate Joy and Love you are.

You  will come to the point in your personal evolution where you will not feel the need to join the negative energy, including shame and guilt- you will simply see it for what it is, not take it personally, understand that it is flowing past and still feel joy.

www.trishrock.com love state

2. Your Body Will Show Signs of Disconnectedness

Your body is the great story teller in this reality of humanness.

As you move towards the lightness, trust, laughter and love of the 5D energy, your body will give you signs of where you may still be hanging on to old paradigms, old patterns, old beliefs.

You will feel in your body, in the energy centres associated with it, where you are still stuck or blocked.

The feelings and symptoms that your body will report to you are fabulous signs of where the energy is not lifting. Now this may be because of the challenge in letting go of the old but what you may not realise is that in a cellular level you are already changing and shifting and already may be vibrating in the 5D energy. Your body often takes some time to catch up!

So, there are 2 options here.

Firstly, acknowledge and thank your body for showing you your progress!

Secondly, look more closely at the areas of discomfort and shift those last old beliefs to restore the well being there. There are many ways of doing this. Put your intention out to the Universe and the best practice for you will arrive in good time.

3. Being Forced to Let go

Change is simply a decision. The decision to shift from the ‘you’ you know now to a new version is not always easy though.

What is great to remember here is that our body and personality are transient. The essence of who we are is Love. It is unburdened with the worries of the personality. It is not concerned for the appearances of the ego. Its love is unconditional. Without condition.

It is our humanness that likes the ‘condition’. But you can let it go, with ease, when you tap into that greater part of your energy.

If you are going through any physical, emotional or mental pain right now please ask yourself better questions. Ask what the pain is showing you. Ask what that area of the body is representing. Ask what you can let go, to relieve the discomfort.

The Universe will continue to lovingly show you where you can experience more Lightness. Will you listen and let go?

4. Increased Sensory Perceptions

This is an exciting time in so many ways and as you move to higher vibrational levels of energy, all of your human senses will become more acute. Your intuitive abilities will be coming to the fore as your Trust for the essence of who you are increases and this will also increase the sensitivity in some or all of your senses. This can sometimes be challenging and can cause physical pain but in the beginning, new sensations can feel this way. Give it some time and you will adjust to the changing sensory perceptions.

Food will taste different and there will actually be many foods that will not agree with your system any longer. This is an opportunity to rid your body of not only the thoughts and patterns that have been holding you back from Lightness but also the foods that are keeping your body at a lower vibration.

Colours will appear to be more vibrant. Personally I love this aspect of 5D energy! It lifts my Joy levels to see rainbows and vibrancy everywhere! Be alert to the changes you are experiencing and seeing.

Your hearing will also become more sensitive. You will only want to listen to sounds with pure vibration. Loud noises may be too much for you and you may even experience this as pain in your ears. If you are becoming more in touch with your clairaudience abilities your ears will feel extra sensitive!

Your sense of touch may also be affected as you move to 5D. If you are a hands on healer or are tuning in to that side of yourself, you may find that you are more sensitive right now to anything that touches your skin or what you have your hands on. Energy transfers easily through our hands and crown and if you are not used to this, the heat may concern you. Be assured that you are simply tuning in to the flow of pure energy that flows naturally through all life.

The flow of energy in your body may also becoming more pronounced which can often feel a bit strange.

www.trishrock.com fluid time

5. Time and Synchronicity

In the 5th Dimension energies, time will feel more fluid and the synchronicity that happens for you daily will be more obvious and fun. In fact, they will be more the norm!

The energy that creates worlds, that created you and that flows through you knows no time boundaries. You are here in a physical body and as a human you know time, but spirit is not limited to time. You will begin to feel more and more in the moment, knowing that really, this is the only moment that exists.

When this happens, and the fear of the past and future leaves you, synchronistic events (that have always been taking place for you daily!) will become far more obvious but rather than be amazed by them, you will find they are the norm and will actually expect spirit to sort out the best possible experiences for you each day.

There could be some challenge associated with this for you because you will find that the people you once related to, wont be on the same page, will be a different energy vibration, and you will want to spend less time with them. When this is family, friends or relationship/partners it means a readjustment of the dynamics and not everyone is comfortable with that. At this level of love energy, you will find the way that will serve everyone from unconditional Love, but it wont always be easy.


Reality will not look the same for you in 5D nor will it feel like the heavy 3D experience you have come from. Birthing this new energy has actually taken many lifetimes. Seeing past the restrictive vision of the 3D world and experiencing more of the greater part of yourself is your purpose, your Legacy. No longer will you be in the old energy of flight or flight- you will simply BE. You will hold a loving space for all and will stay present in the madness, rather than taking on that energy.

The pain of expansion can be real in our human minds and physical bodies but if you can remember that the discontent and discomfort is temporary and simply an adjustment of energy, then it will pass. Energy is experiencing life through us. What an honour to be a creator and participator in it all.


Welcome to the 5th Dimension!

Love xo