3 Ways To Feel Empowered and Take The Next Step Towards Your Purpose & Calling

The excitement builds, the Adrenalin starts running through the body, the next step is finally here, you have worked so hard to get here and it’s about to begin!

Then the Adrenalin rush turns from excitement to fear and you don’t know whether to run or fight it…

Have you been in this battle with yourself? I certainly have and after a while its gets exhausting!

Sometimes the fears are small and you can easily jump the hurdle to the next step. Sometimes they are bigger and you seek advice or a gentle hand on your back from spirit to know that you are supported. But there are some fears that you don’t even know you have and they come to life in situations where you are taking a quantum step forward into the unknown.

These can really keep you stuck, frustrated and wondering if you are ever going to reach your vision. Whether it is your personal life or business adventures, your purpose and calling that are getting louder or simply a project you have been procrastinating on, letting go of what is keeping you stuck IS the next step for the freedom you seek.

Here are 3 ways I have found to truly help step forward- despite the fear- and leap out of the status quo, onto the next exciting path of discovery in life.

  1. Acknowledgement

The very first thing that I would recommend to you is to acknowledge you are stuck. Fighting it will only keep the resistance to it alive.

How do we know what this fear is so that we can acknowledge it?

Start writing, or talking with a mentor or to yourself/spirit.

What is the block?

Let the words or thoughts flow.

The answer may look something like:

What if I fail? What if it doesn’t work? What if I get judged? Criticized? What if it does work and I lose friends on the next step up? What if I am stepping into something here I don’t know enough about? What if I do all this work and then I discover it is the wrong path for me?

So many ‘what if’s’ can come up around what is blocking you.

Behind all of the what if’s, is an underlying fear of not being good enough, not being valuable enough, not being worthy enough and not being loveable enough.

We also have very deep beliefs and patterns in our DNA and Akash that will surface so it is important to acknowledge what it is we are actually fearing as it may not be from this lifetime.

After you write out all of the questions and  ‘what ifs’s’ then take a look at the list and BE OK that these have all come up. Don’t be stuck in them any longer. BE OK with the enquiry.

The resistance will drop and you will feel instant relief in many cases!

Then, it is time to ask yourself- Is this really true?

  1. Is it true?

I love the work of Byron Katie and the enquiry process she uses to uncover and dispel our mind chatter and fears!

With any of the fears listed above, are they true?

I will fail…Is that really true?

I will lose friends… Is that really true?

I am not good enough…Is that really true?

After you have done your free writing or talking with all of the fears that are keeping you stuck from the next step, ask yourself are they true? It is a beautiful and profound form of enquiry that will allow you to let go of many of the beliefs and a lot of the fear based mind chatter.

Recognizing and acknowledging what statements you are making in relation to moving forward is a really vital step too and you can do the enquiry work on this also.

I am angry…is that really true?

I am scared…is that really true?

I am stuck…is THAT really true?

This is a tool that you will quickly become intimate with and it will assist greatly!

  1. Who would I be?

For many of us, we are so stuck in the story that has persisted for a long time that we truly cannot see any other way of Being.

So when we try to change things, nothing seems to work and we constantly sabotage ourselves, consciously and sub consciously!

Whether you are changing your career, your health, a relationship, your business, a job or the way you currently look and feel, if you have not been any other way, ever or for a long time, the unknown can subconsciously sabotage our every attempt.

Why is it so powerful to ask yourself this question? Because by visioning who you can be outside of the fear, the present, the issues and the current reality, you can flow into the next step and BE that rather than the ‘story’ you currently are stuck in.

You see, the fear you have now, that is keeping you stuck, will not be an issue once you move past it. So if you can move past it now, then you will be more likely and will far more easily, become that which you imagine.


Use these 3 empowerment tips within the next few days. No more procrastinating ok? If nothing else, you will be moving forward into more clarity of why the fears are surfacing!

Now is the time to truly clear the way and answer the call from within.

You are ready.

Its your time to be seen, heard and shine!

Trish xo

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