A Message of Love, Freedom & Choice going into 2021

A Message of Love, Freedom & Choice going into 2021 At the end of every year we say-phew! I sure am glad that year is over! Cant wait for the new! This year I feel that while many will still be saying that and already have been for the past 6 months lol- there are...
Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions – Do THIS Instead

Don’t Make New Year’s Resolutions – Do THIS Instead

How often have you made a New Year’s resolution only to have it fail by the end of the 1st January?
Perhaps you made a few and went really well for the first few days, perhaps even a week or so, until…another fail.
Look, I am not saying they don’t work but for me, and perhaps you who are reading this, there needs to be a better way to create something special and different in life in the New Year.
So, the way I have done this over the past several years is to create intentions rather than resolutions.

Ending the BS on outdated Spiritual ‘rules’

there are a lot of outdated ideas and rules that seem to still be getting thrust upon people, especially newbies to Spirituality, that really put it in a category of a type of religion, and in some cases a bit cultish, rather than self-discovery and essence. Wherever you are at, whatever your skills and abilities, wherever your purpose is taking you and whatever stage you are at in your evolution- YOU ARE ENOUGH.

A New Perception Into A New Humanity

The New human knows we are simply here for a moment and just playing out a personality in this reality to expand the soul in some way.
Your perspective on things can either keep you peaceful, happy and free or in sadness, despair and fear.
What will you choose today?
You, as a human, have that power.