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6 Week Online Mentoring Program

Is your true purpose calling you right now?

Are you dreading going back to your career or job right now?

Feeling frustrated that you are in an environment that brings you low energy when you really want to be living more on purpose?

I can definitely relat! Ive been there. And I know how to change this.

You have the opportunity, the time and the space right now to truly begin living a life on, and of purpose.

Why is that important?

Because life is too short to be living someone else dream of how you should live.

How long have you been a robot in a career of job that you USED to love but now don’t?

Right now you might be:

  • Sick of letting FEAR of being you SABOTAGE your life
  • Numbing yourself with alcohol or social media, Netflix, food or shopping
  • Over thinking and continually waiting for that ‘right moment’ (hint- its here!)
  • In a career that does not feel great anymore
  • Feeling that there is way more to you, and your life, than you are currently experiencing.
  • In doubt as to your skills and talents and how they could be utilized to serve in a different, greater or new way

If this sounds like you, don’t worry. You’re not alone.

In fact, most people never realize that there really IS more to life, nor do they take the chance to find out, until they are forced into a situation where there is no choice.

We are currently in an unprecedented time in history and along with all of that, YOU have been presented with the perfect time now to explore who you are and what your purpose here is.

Your intuitive and spiritual gifts are most likely increasing too as we all go to 5th Dimension vibration!


Change wont occur with the same personality:

  • Same thoughts
  • Same mindset
  • Same actions
  • Same words
  • Same feelings
  • Same energy

In this 6 week Mentoring Program you will receive:

  • Clarity on your purpose and passion in life
  • A 5 step process to tune in to a part of yourself that LIVES that already
  • Practical ways to shift to your new personality with ease
  • Spiritual practices to support your mindset and energy
  • Intuitive answers to clear the blocks of fear

I work one on one with you online and you have unlimited email access to me.

Is this the shift you are ready for right now?

You can tune in to these incredible processes and change that area of your life, and more, in this 6 weeks with me.

It is an investment of only $1188 and can be paid in full (Receive a Psychic Reading as a gift from me!) or in payments over the 6 weeks.

Contact me now to have a chat or get started 

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