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 Miracles | Magic | Love

Messages Of Inspiration, Energy and Love

This 45 Card Inspirational deck which I created in 2016,  uses the power of 9 Chakra Energies, along with channeled messages, for inspiration, guidance and help with more flow of abundance in all areas of life.

Use the deck for an inspired message that will help you move forward, or simply refer to it daily for guidance.

 Its easy.

Ask a question, or simply have the intention to receive the perfect guidance.

Click (or tap) on 1 card, or all 3, and your message/s will be revealed.

The card/s that you select come with 2 messages. Firstly, the colour of the card will indicate a certain Chakra area and secondly, the inspired guidance will indicate where your focus could be, for the changes you desire.

I have a simple reference guide below giving a brief meaning for each of the 9  main Chakras, as well as the possible signs of being ‘In Harmony’ or ‘Out of Harmony’ in that area.

Have fun with it! Grow, learn and expand in your humanness and let your spirit Shine.

Your 3 cards will be chosen randomly from the 45 Guidance Cards I have created.

Think of a question or topic you would like guidance on... Then click on Draw Three Rune Spread to receive your guidance...

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Use this guide to supplement your intuitive reading.

Discover the Chakra Energy for the cards that appeared for you


RedBASE: The Base, or Root Chakra is all about grounding, physical possessions, survival, prosperity, money, action and abundance.

Recognising any fears you may have, facing them and moving through them, is one of the best ways to strengthen this area. Taking action is also vital in achieving anything in our physical life and reality and this Chakra area is all about taking action on our dreams and goals.

In Harmony: Connection to nature. Trust in the laws of Nature, a deep understanding of its even ebb and flow.

Out of Harmony: Inability to trust Nature. To heavily focussed on material possessions and the need to satisfy own desires and wishes.

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SACRAL: The Sacral Chakra is all about emotions, feelings, sexuality, creativity and relationship.

Acting from a secure feeling space rather than reacting from an emotional flurry. Being open with feelings in relationships. Get childlike with creative activities like painting or drawing or simply playing, to truly find the confident and expressive traits of this energy.

Looking at where you feel guilt or shame in your life (or past lives) is one of the ways to clear this area and strengthen it. Be real, honest and open in your relationship with your self and others.

In Harmony: A considerate, open, friendly, kind person who has no trouble sharing emotions and feelings with others. Happily connected with life.

Out of Harmony: Unsure and instable in sexual and emotional matters. Cannot express feelings. Suppresses natural needs.

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SOLAR PLEXUS: The Solar Plexus Chakra is all about personal power, presence, pride, confidence and will power.

Often we are seeking approval or are around others who are seeking approval. Clearing and strengthening this area will mean a more effective life with will power and confidence to be in the world as the empowered spirit you are.

In Harmony: Feeling of wholeness, inner calm and peace. Inner tolerance and acceptance of others. A balance of spiritual and material worlds.

Out of Harmony: No trust in natural flow. Need to dominate. Emphasis on the material. Great need for material security.

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HEART: The Heart Chakra is all about Love, healing and Source energy. The ability to Love freely, without fear or self consciousness is generated here. Self acceptance and gratitude.

Increase your love for self and others, and have more compassion for self and others. All living things are connected and deserve our respect and Love.

In Harmony: Exudes a feeling of wholeness. Tolerance and acceptance of life and relationships. Balance of the material and spiritual.

Out of Harmony: The Love you give is not sincere. You look for rewards. You cannot accept love given by others. Fear of getting hurt.

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HIGHER HEART: The Higher Heart Chakra is our gateway to peace, wisdom, transformation, the total acceptance of all that is and the understanding of the Divine Order.

We must allow ourselves go a step beyond personal love and allow the Higher Heart to open. We can then move into the quality of unconditional love, a kind of love that goes far beyond personal boundaries.

In Harmony: The feeling of connectedness with the Divine Self at the core of our being. True feelings of Joy and happiness. Wholeness and an innate feeling of Divine connection to Love energy.

Out of Harmony: Inability to express emotions, fear of spirituality, lack of compassion, mistrustful of others and self, feeling bitter or betrayed, lack of self-acceptance, self-centeredness.

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THROAT: The Throat Chakra is about communication, speaking your Truth, and expression. Being open and honest about how we feel about ourselves and others and expressing that is key here. Ask yourself if your words have hurt others or if you are not expressing your Truth.

Gaining the confidence, to firstly listen to your truth and know it, then to express it honestly is the way to open this area. Creative expression is also great, such as painting, music and the arts.

In Harmony: Knows balance of expression; silence and speck. Knows how to listen to the ‘inner voice’ and trusts intuition.

Out of Harmony: Despite much talking cannot find expression. Fearful of being judges and rejected. Afraid of silence.

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THIRD EYE: The Third Eye Chakra is all about intuition, seeing the Truth and feeling connected. When we have a clear connection to our inner guidance, life become much more flowing and there is more grace and ease.

To achieve balance here it is important to drop the ego and the human mind and go into a more ‘feeling and knowing’ state, trusting the inner voice and guidance that is there.

In Harmony: Awareness of spiritual side of being. Invites intuition and Inner awareness into everyday life. Connects to the Universe.

Out of Harmony: Rejects spiritual aspects. Focus on intellect and logic. Only sees obvious, surface meanings. Afraid of intuition.

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CROWN: The Crown Chakra is all about knowing, Divinity and inspiration. Your link to the Divine oneness that we all are.

When this area is blocked we feel separate and do not receive the true inspired thoughts that are there for us at all times. Once we can control our thoughts and mind, the awareness of our life purpose becomes much clearer. Materialistic ideals and ideas can often keep us attached to the human state.

In Harmony: Living with the knowledge of Unity. Knowing that the Self reflects the Divine. Abandon individual ego for Universal ego.

Out of Harmony: Unable to let go of anxiety and fear. Unable to imagine Cosmic Unity. Depressed and unsatisfied.

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SOUL STAR: The Soul Star Chakra is your connection to the Higher Self and where higher spiritual abilities are stored.  It is the gateway to the other transcendental chakras in line with your crown and is the portal to pure Divine energy.

Through this energy area, you ground your God Essence into your physical being.  Your Divinity that was made manifest in physical form to experience itself becomes clear.

In Harmony:  Experience greater soul progression and the clearing of emotional clutter within you.  This will enable you to move forward, lighter with an increased vibration.

Out of Harmony: Loss of purpose, headaches, knowing you have a purpose but don’t know what it is, illusion of the ego, not able to accept 5D.

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If you would like a more personal reading with me, please contact me at trish@trishrock.com or check out what I offer in the services tab.


Love xo

Disclaimer: Please use these guidance cards in the spirit of fun as they have been intended. Seek medical or professional counseling advice for any serious health or life issues.