Live on Purpose & IN Alignment

Live on Purpose & IN Alignment

😒Is worry about life keeping you up at night?
😟Do you wake up at crazy o’clock wondering how to claim the life you deserve!
😞Are you struggling with money? Relationships?

If you are ready to:
☺️ say ENOUGH is ENOUGH!
😆 Start smiling from the INSIDE again!
😍 End the constant stress of finances or relationship drama!

This program is for you!


The majority of people who come to me for help are sick of the constant CHALLENGES and discovering that life does NOT have to be as hard as it FEELS right now!

Stress and sleepness nights due to:

  • Career frustration
  • Relationships
  • Money/Finance blocks
  • Health issues

Especially after all the inner work they have already done in regards to:

  • Earning enough money
  • Keeping their family supported and safe
  • Struggling with health issues
  • Changing career or job
  • Dealing with relationship shifts

Who Is The SOUL  SYSTEM Program for? 

This mentoring is for people who are becoming aware and curious about their soul purpose and how they can truly show up in life as their authentic self, doing what they love, with less stress and frustration.

It is for people who are ready: 

  • to move away from unhealthy relationships
  • to feel more safe and grounded in their finances
  • to live the life they have been dreaming about!


  • Intuitives, Psychics and Seers starting  out on their Spiritual/Intuitive journey and discontent with their current job or career
  • Spiritually based healers becoming aligned with their soul calling ready to shine their Truth and skills
  • Learning how to start in their own Spiritual business
  • Are unsure of how to transition from the old to the new

My areas of experience and expertise are helping and supporting people to:

  • Trust themselves and Spirit
  • Find empowerment within to shift the old reality into a more respectful and honouring environment
  • Take strategic steps towards their new life chapter
  • Discover their passion and strengths in their intuitive gifts
  • Business advice, strategy and tips to get started in their own adventure
  • Live and manifest the life they desire


👉Practical tools along with Spiritual practices you can use and grow with for a lifetime.

👉Instant energy shifts!

👉Changes to perceptions that are keeping you stuck.

FREEDOM, from within, on a SOUL LEVEL.

Contact me now to get started.

It could be the start of EVERYTHING you want.

What Is The SOUL SYSTEM Mentoring Program

​The program starts with a close look at where you are and what you want to achieve over the time.

The program includes 4 x 1 hour live sessions with Trish, tailored specifically to your needs, plus email support for the duration. 

The sessions are spread across an 8 Week period, meaning you have 2 sessions per month for 2 months.

​Mentoring days are planned in the first sessions so there is flow and continuity throughout.​


Total cost: $685 AUD           


​I will be, during this time, your Intuitive Counselor and adviser using my Holistic Health and Well Being practices, my Psychic and Intuitive skills and experience along with my life skills and experience of transitioning into a Spiritual career and into my purpose and alignment, along with tuning  in to Spirit for you, providing soulful and practical advice.

I will guide you through this transition so you are following your highest truth. You will receive support and nurturing from me during the program and practical tools and techniques to carry you through your new alignment and purpose.

How To Book     

Please FILL IN THE FORM BELOW to submit your application.

Once received I will contact you directly. If you have worked with me before or I have read for you, you are welcome to contact me directly.​

I look forward to working together with you!

With Love

Trish xo

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