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It a Cancer New Moon AND Summer Solstice AND an Eclipse.

It a very busy time in our energy fields along with so many changes to our alignment.

Every New Moon I set intentions of what I want to be, do and have over the following weeks or longer in my life.

The New Moon is about new intentions, new plans, new feelings, new ways you will live, be.

So when you begin with new intentions at the New Moon, it is usually clear what the old beliefs will be that you will release 2 weeks later in the Full Moon which in turn allows for the letting go with more ease and excitement as you hold the new intentions in your heart.

It is a great way to also let the Universe know you are serious about change and ready to embrace the new. It almost feels like when you intend it, it is done!

There have been many New Moon intention exercises and rituals I have tried over the past 10 years but here is one of my favourites.

Set New Moon Intentions that are Powerful and Empowered

 ‘I  Intend….’ exercise.

In your journal or a piece of paper (I find if I do them in my journal I can refer back to them when releasing the old during the Full Moon) and at the top write New Moon Intentions (date)

Write out at least 5 but up to 10 statements of intention.

For example:

  • I intend to treat myself with more love and nurture
  • I intend to have more control over my finances and savings
  • I intend to release the old belief that I am not good enough.
  • I intend to visit my family more often

Really feel into whatever it is you are intending, as if it has already happened.

This is a simple but powerful tool that you can use each New Moon to truly ask the Universe for the new manifests you desire but even more importantly- set the feelings and energy you wish to FEEL moving forward.

Try it tonight! Id love your feedback on how it shifts your energy and expectations of what you desire.

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