Finding Your Purpose In A Crisis

Will you use this crisis as the pivot point for living a life more on purpose?

Right now, the world is in lock down and we are all experiencing something unprecedented in our lifetimes.

Like anything in life, we can choose what we focus on. Those things that we know are keeping us in fear, or those things that are blessings.

So many people right now are actually finding new purpose and zest for life. Incredible isn’t it that a crisis such as the enormity of this one, is what it takes for us to truly step out of our own way and begin living on purpose!

I was in the situation many years ago where I was in a career that had spanned over 28 years and got to the point where I did not want to do it anymore. I loved it, was great at it, was always booked and bringing money in….but there was a deeper, louder calling that was constant within me.

The crisis that gave me the courage to transform my life at that point was my health and well being, and the realisation I was a robot in my life and felt drained, out of alignment, sad, numbed and had no passion left.

I got clear on my purpose and grew my passion, listened to the calling and now live a life I love, filled with high energy, awareness, connection and well being! Not to mention joy and happiness which is the energy and experience we are all desiring in life!

For a while there I felt a little guilty that the career that had served me for so long, was not high on my passions any more. My life was pretty good! Why did I feel so empty!

I know this is true for a lot of people and right now, is the opportunity to really look at this in your life. Use this time and space you have been given to tune in to what really brings you joy. Even if you are still working and have moved location to your home, there is a different dynamic that will allow you more time and freedom to explore your true desires.

There will be many clues just in the last week if you take a look. What have you felt? How have you helped? Who have you reached out to? What inspired thoughts have you had regarding serving others?

Have you been in a job or career that feels numb and out of alignment for you? How long have you been procrastinating on change?

Of course, this inner desire won’t resonate with everyone. Many people are still in survival mode and that perfectly ok. I’ve been there too. And for so many the struggle is very real right now and the uncertainty of what the future holds in a mystery to everyone in this unknown situation.

But if you are here, reading this and you know deep down that you want change and don’t desire to go back to what you were doing and being before this crisis, then I ask you this: What IS the life you want?

You may not have a defined purpose as such right now but there will be a part of you that wants to serve in a particular way. Many spiritual and intuitive people are ‘coming out’ and expressing their truth to those around them at last and feeling the freedom in being themselves.

So, what is it for you? Do you see yourself going back to the same life? Or will you use this crisis as the pivot point for living a life more on purpose?

It is possible for you. Trust yourself. Believe in yourself. Follow the calling within.


Trish xo

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