7 Ways To Measure Your Success

Ive spent a lot of time over the past years contemplating success.

  • What is it?
  • What is it for me?
  • What do others think it is?

The ideas I have had about success have actually left me anything BUT successful because I have been looking at others and thinking that their success scale is what mine needs to look like to have success.

But…I now know differently.

Success Is What We Deem It To Be For Our Self

Each of us will have a different way of viewing success. For some it will be the money goal. For some the house. For others a travel lifestyle and for another group, it will be a great family.

Whatever it is for YOU, make sure it is YOUR dream and energy that is in your success list. If you want the success that others have, in the same way, it will never feel right for you or fulfilling and perhaps you will never even get there and the whole success thing will be an elusive dream that frustrates you!

And worse, you will beat yourself up about it like I have done in the past thinking I was just not good enough to be successful!

I have some measures of my own success now that really keep me grounded and in a good feeling place. They are not always about the money, the lifestyle or the bigger vision but appreciating these daily successes, I head more confidently and powerfully into the success of my bigger vision. And I do it my way. You will of course have your various measures of success too and they may not be in the same areas as in this article but its important to look at your mindset and thoughts of what success is for you, so as not to be stuck in the values of someone else.

Here are 7 Ways To Measure Your Success

  1. Daily pleasure

How do you nurture yourself daily?

We don’t often think about this but it is an important part of success. What are we actually working hard for in the end? The things we can do for ourselves and others right?

Working long hours in your business or job just to get up and do it all over again with nothing in between to bring you more Joy seems crazy right! But we do it, and think nothing of it.

What if one of the meanings of success was to celebrate and nurture YOU daily, even if only for a moment of silence or meditation?

I endeavour to do one thing daily for myself and I feel successful in that measure because many years ago I didn’t. I was in a lack mindset and did not value myself.

Do you feel successful in this area?

  1. Freedom

What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom is one of my bigger goals but I have realised of late that I can actually experience freedom every day in some way while I am building my bigger dream.

The success in feeling this freedom brings me peace and joy. This is what freedom is all about. Whether it be time freedom, work freedom, travel freedom or freedom from responsibility every now and then, being aware of those moments and feeling into it will not only feel successful right now, but will manifest more of it.

Do you feel successful in experiencing freedom on any level right now?

  1. Fun

What does fun mean to you?

In those years when I was expecting myself to have the same level and design of success as others around me I was not having much fun. There was a lot of hard work and I didn’t feel I gave myself the opportunity for fun at all! Life was serious and my business had to be my focus 24/7.

I now measure my fun scale and place a level of success on it daily. Its important. Fun, laughter, feeling good are all ways to actually increase productivity and manifest your goals.

It will mean different things to everyone including dancing, laughing, singing, playing games, sport, reading or watching something funny, playing with the kids or simply going a different hair colour for a day!

Do you feel successful in the way you have fun in your life right now?

  1. Career Options

What options do you give yourself in your life/job/business?

Often when we follow someone else’s agenda of success we really limit our own options- the ones that we truly would feel passionate about.

When we gauge what success in our industry looks like, for instance, and what we must be doing to get that success we will not be in our best energy. Your success, no matter what industry you are in, in what YOU want it to be, not the model of another.

I see so many people restricting themselves to what they think they ‘should ‘ be doing rather than opening up to their inner voice that is telling them what they would ‘love’ to be doing.

Thriving, Your Way is one of my biggest messages (and soon to be book) and your success is unique to you.

I measure my success here daily by knowing and seeing the results of moving forward in my business with what feels good. I’ve given up many of the ‘shoulds’ and that in itself, is a success!

Do you feel success in your uniqueness?

  1. Social Events

Do you find yourself at social events where you don’t want to be?

Over my career I have been a master networker. Going to all the events, learning about people, meeting people etc. When I eventually came to the conclusion that I was actually not enjoying these events, but simply showing up because I thought I ‘had’ to as a business person, everything lifted and shifted for me.

I now only go to those places and events where I feel good and I enjoy the company of the people there. At first I thought this was selfish but now I understand that it is actually nurturing and lifting my energy which in turn makes me a lot happier and the energy I have around me is higher and more inviting.

I feel successful in this decision and every time I am at an event or occasion now I feel very nourished and joyful, with people I like, trust and enjoy too!

Do you feel successful in choosing where you want to be?

  1. Health

Do you find yourself feeling like a failure when it comes to health?

In my lifetime I have discovered that every small thing you do to increase your vitality can mean success in your health.

So many of us take a huge goal like losing 30 kilos, or giving up something addictive, only to fail and then feel even more unhealthy.

I like to measure my health successes daily with the small things like a fresh juice whenever I can, choosing the Paleo bar rather than the unhealthy snack, choosing fruit over a lolly and deciding on a healthy meal rather than takeaway.

Its in these small decisions that my health improves and my vitality rises. My success in this area grows as I become more aware of the results. Achieving it in one big goal would not have happened for me. My success is in the every day decisions.

Do you feel successful in your vitality and health?


  1. Money

What is YOUR measurement of success in this area?

“If only I could win the lottery and live off my millions for the rest of my life, not have to work, travel, have endless fun!”

How many times have you heard someone declare this? How many times have YOU declared it?

Its wonderful to have goals in the area of money and vital for your long term plans. To feel successful while you are achieving that is the key for me.

So many people DO win millions, or earn a lot, or save a lot or their business is super successful- but how many of these people still don’t feel satisfied? Happy? Successful?

Yes one of my goals is to be financial free and independent with a multiple 7 figure income BUT I already feel successful in this area. I was stuck in a poverty cycle for 4 years and when I was finally able to shift my mindset on this, life turned around for me and its the little things now that truly show me the success I have had over my mind, and in my finances.

Do you feel successful in the area of money?


These 7 measurements are daily success goals I look at, and maybe they will resonate with you too. Whether they do or they don’t, I would highly encourage you to ask yourself honestly what success means for you. What does it look like. How does it feel. Then, go from there in creating YOUR idea of success and being your own unique successful person.

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