Dynamic Transformation

Would You Love To Feel In Alignment Again?

Maybe you don’t even know you are out of alignment with who you really are because the uncomfortableness
has become normal…
So here you sit at this crossroad …having to make a CHOICE
Stay where you are…
CHOOSE to transform your reality to one that finally feels great again!

That is where I was too not too many years ago.

I had a successful business of 25 years, I owned my home, my children were making their way in the world and on the outside it looked like I had it all and was happy. But that was so far from how I felt I didn’t even recognize myself! Every day for over a year felt heavy, like Ground Hog day. I was in constant anxiety, feeling depressed, numbing…but still showing up with a smile each day for show.

I then decided I had to do something or my life was soon going to spiral out of control. I began a journey of self development, education, learning about my inner self. It did feel better and a few things changed that is for sure!

But I came to realise that even after all those years of personal work and knowledge, my reality was not changing…I felt disillusioned.

I then discovered that I was trying to create a new reality with the SAME PERSONALITY and identity! No wonder I was on the hamster wheel! I began tapping in to parallel realities where I was ALREADY living my dream life and like MAGIC…

Everything changed. The FREEDOM, purpose and peace I had longed for, was there. My reality changed and I had my passion back for life, was on purpose and in alignment once more. The light at the end of the tunnel was clear, bright and felt SO wonderful!


CLARITY: Identify the Multi Dimensional Version of you that ALREADY lives the life you vision. Discover why have you stayed in this struggle with life for SO long and identify the details of what you want to Be, Do and Have.

RELEASE: Appreciate the Blessings in the struggle, shame and lack you have been living. What can you let go of now? Forgiveness is the key to discovering the blessings.

SELF: End the Self Sabotage that keeps you in the Fear Cave and become aware in the moment. Design the script of the new you and gain awareness of the Self Sabotaging patterns you will be letting go!  FREEDOM!

EXPAND: Deep Connection and Inner Self Acceptance. Self inquiry in a new way!  Looking at yourself differently as you experience life unfolding with your new normals!

ALIGN: New alignments in your physical life that reflect your new Identity and Truth. What are your new normals? Your New Core Values? Transformation and integration into your New Empowered Identity!


  1. The first step is to get clear on the reality you desire and what belief is holding you back from it. One of my magic skills is seeing this within you and identifying it with a word, which we then use to transform your personality.
  2. Release of the old shows up in many different ways and support is essential here to guide you through it and prevent you running back into the fear cave that has has you protected and safe, but out of alignment, for too long now.
  3. Helping you recognise the self sabotage patterns is vital in the process as when you can feel and see them, you can change them. Some hand holding is required here in most cases as often the patterns are deep and feel normal.
  4. New awareness comes with presence and in this step I teach you techniques and practices to be in the moment, be more self aware and to also live more consciously and deliberate.
  5. New alignments bring the energy and physical elements of your new personality together are called new normals and in this final step I help you create these, to truly begin bringing in that new reality you created.


When you have gone through the 5 Step Dynamic Transformation process you will be surprised at the simplicity and ease of it and how your life looks and feels different.

  • Your sense of PURPOSE & PASSION will be heightened and clear. No more Ground Hog day!
  • Your ZEST FOR LIFE will be high which will bring new inspirations, curiosity and adventure not to mention new opportunities!
  • Having DIRECTION & FOCUS again will keep you in alignment with your new life, relationships, business, career, health or any other area of your life that felt lost and on the hamster wheel of confusion and you wont have to force a smile as each  new day arrives.
  • SECURITY & CLARITY in life brings a sense of courage, confidence, self awareness and self love. Feeling connected and one with life again.


And these elements bring FREEDOM & PEACE in whichever way you feel it and want to live it!



There are currently 3 levels of time and benefits that I offer in the Dynamic Transformation process to suit your requirements.



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