Dynamic Transformation

 Transform Into The Person

You KNOW You Can BE


The Truth is… it’s time for something to finally change!

Im curious…

Are you sitting there right now wondering why, after all the inner work you have done on and for yourself, that life still feels like a hamster wheel of same same?

Are you feeling insignificant and wondering what’s wrong with YOU that you have not aligned with your vision?  I did. 

Living in this illusion , that just seems endless, is heart breaking and soul destroying.


Do any of these sound familiar?


Feeling Inadequate!

You’ve done the inner work to remove blocks and yet there is still a barrier between you and where you wish to be! Its frustrating and feels like there is something wrong with you!


Feeling Powerless

You have succeeded in many things before but right now, its a mystery for you why the alignment towards your vision and dream feels so out of reach!


Feeling Insignificant

The contrast between where you currently find yourself and where you dream of being feels likes something you cannot achieve or manifest!

Underneath all of the effort, time, education and inner work there was a problem- my misalignment, feelings and thinking were creating the same reality.

Wealth blocks, insignificance, addiction and a relationship block that felt like it would never shift!

What is it for you?

Personally, I was so critical and ashamed of where I had ended up that I DENIED my true self and continued to live in survival mode, thinking it was what I deserved and all I was worth!

That was…until I discovered that rather than pushing to change the way things were, I could simply BE a different personality within me and change my reality easily!


 If you’re not feeling the synchronicity and flow in your life right now, in your heart, in your energy, in your presence, if you’re feeling defeated in any way, then THIS is the call for you to finally step out of the lack and fear and claim your Dynamic Transformation!

The current contrast in your LIFE is pushing you to clear this once and for all!

You know that old saying -“what we resist persists”

If up until now – life has been pushing you to grow beyond where you are – what is going to happen if you choose to do nothing?!

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, and you probably already know this… The Hamster Wheel is going to keep spinning in the same direction in your life over and over and OVER AGAIN…. until you choose YOU and transform it!

Is the FEAR of staying where you are right now, GREATER than the fear of moving forward?

 So here you sit at this crossroad …having to make a CHOICE!

To sit and stay where you are…


To CHOOSE to get up & make the RIGHT changes that will make the MOST difference!

“So many of us are so frightened of the magnitude of our higher calling and intuitive prompts that we Self Sabotage and choose to do nothing”

Trish Rock

The BEST news is… that making this shift doesn’t actually have to be that hard at all! The hardest thing to do right now – would be to sit and do nothing! – Don’t let this be you anymore!

Is the fear of staying where you are stronger than the fear of stepping into the new?

Did You Know?


We are living in a multi dimensional Universe?


That we are living simultaneous lives right now


You can tune in to the life you desire that is ALREADY being lived by you!


“Who looks outside dreams

Who looks inside awakes”

Carl Jung



Why You Have Stayed In This Struggle With Life For SO Long! Hint- its never what you think it is!


To Identify The Multi Dimensional Version of you that ALREADY lives the life you desire


How To Find The Blessings in the Struggle, Shame and Lack you have been living


How To End The Self Sabotage that keeps you on the Hamster Wheel of self defeat


The Deep Connection and Inner Self Acceptance You Are Being Called to rise in to


New Normals In Your Every Day Life that reflect your Abundant Identity and Truth

“I knew from the first contact with Trish that she was the person I needed to work with to shift my life from fearful stressed and worried to focused and free to grab the steering wheel and go in the direction of my dreams. The wheels are in motion and I am attracting the things I need in my life to feel content and at peace with every stage of my journey xx Thank you “

Michelle Temple-Forrest

As part of The Dynamic Transformation program I’ll show you the simple steps I have created to align your life to a whole new normal, an entirely different reality and a deep inner delight you currently only dream about.

Your Catalyst For Change…


Identify the Multi Dimensional Version of you that ALREADY lives the life you vision.

Discover why have you stayed in this struggle with life for SO long and identify the details of what you want to Be, Do and Have.


Appreciate the Blessings in the struggle, shame and lack you have been living

What can you let go of now? Forgiveness is the key to discovering the blessings. Happy (old identity) Divorce Day!


End the Self Sabotage that keeps you on the Lack Hamster wheel

Design the script of the new you and gain awareness of the Self Sabotaging patterns you will be letting go!  FREEDOM!


Deep Connection and Inner Self Acceptance

Self inquiry in a new way!  Looking at yourself differently as you experience life unfolding with your new normals!


New Normals in your Every Day life that reflect your Abundant Identity and Truth

What are your new normals? Your New Core Values? Transformation and integration into your New Empowered Identity!

“You have helped me to unlock the file I kept Successful Johnita in! 2 DAYS TRISH! Your program only took me two days to see SIGNIFICANT change in my life. You. Your Program.

Lots of gratitude and love. Successful Johnita “

Johnita Francis

When you trust me as your alignment catalyst…

Identify the multi dimensional version of you that ALREADY lives the life you desire!

Knowing what it is you desire is the first step and you get clear on where your alignment is, and isnt.

Clarity on where you are not feeling your FULL abundance and also how it will feel, look, smell, touch and taste when you shift into the new persona.

Appreciation of the blessings in the fear, guilt, shame and lack you have been living.

To truly move forward and step fully in to your new Abundant self, the old needs to be blessed and forgiven.

Learn how to appreciate all that has transpired in the puzzle of your life so far. 

End the Self Sabotage

Ever tried to change your life yet the same old behaviour keeps showing up and creating the ultimate failure of your resolve?

We look at that Hamster Wheel of old habits and behaviour, how to intuitively recognize self sabotage when it shows up, and how to stop it.

Deep Connection and New Identity Integration

Getting clear on who you truly are now and holding that vibration and persona daily.

The new transformed you you are stepping into ALREADY knows they are fully loved and accepted and we will catch you up to that vibration, create personalised tools to fully integrate.

New Normals

To fully integrate your new dynamic transformed self you require ‘new normals’ and we bring everything together to create YOUR new normal as well as new standards for the new YOU!

You will be in full swing! Life will be a new thrilling adventure!

Here’s How Life Can Change For You


Becoming a greater leader


More resources to nurture yourself and children/family


Greater energy and vibrancy to truly start LIVING not just surviving!


Living on purpose and in passion


No more self sabotaging behavior


Deep inner peace and connection

I invite you to deeply feel into how your life would look if the lack you are currently experiencing was gone.

More financial freedom, better relationships, incredible well being and living a life of passion on purpose!

It takes Spiritual connection along with practical tools and if you have a willingness to end the struggle, I have the way forward for you.”

Here’s What You Get…

This breakthrough program to completely transform your life PLUS

Weekly one - one calls with me

Access to a Private Facebook Group for personal support

Personal Intuitive Sessions to clear old blocks and contracts

PDF’s and Worksheets and more!

“It takes Spiritual connection along with practical tools and if you have a willingness to end the struggle, I have the way forward for you.”


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