The Silent Sadness Behind The Closed Doors Of Some Career Women

On the surface everything looks fine.

On the surface, everything looks great.

On the surface…

We live in a society that only sees what they want to see, when they want to see it and as such, individuals can often have many things hidden from view so as to seem ‘acceptable’ in the eyes of others and ‘deserving’ in their own eyes.

If we do not appear happy in circumstances where that would be the case, there must be something wrong OR ignorant to the gratitude we should be feeling.

I was there. A decade ago.

A successful business, a home owner, a beautiful family.

Was I grateful! Heck yes!

Was I happy? On the surface, yes

Did I love my career? Yes

Did I love my family? Yes

So what was wrong? Why was I feeling so much sadness when my life looked so amazing from the outside?

It took me a little while to figure it out.

You can gain clarity much faster from my experience. You don’t have to suffer this way any more.

Its OK to feel like this and it doesn’t mean you are not loving what you do, or your life. It simply means you have shifted and what used to feel like freedom and success to you may not feel like that anymore.

What used to give you the greatest pleasure each day may not be that anymore.

Try these 2 exercises to gain clarity around all of this so that this week, in fact even right now, you can regain your passion, bliss, innate joy and freedom!

  2. What actually is it that feels out of alignment for you right now? Try to define it. Is it your career/business? It is relationships? Is it your environment? Is it your daily work flow? What is it for you that. If you could change it, would mean you feel more in alignment again?

What do you still love about your daily routine and what don’t you love anymore? With that list- create more opportunity to do the things you love more often!

Just because you loved doing something a few years back doesn’t mean you have to love it today. We change. You have changed. Your vibration, knowledge and point of passion has changed.

Be ok with this. Find the clarity. Change it up a bit.

Talk to someone you trust about this silent misalignment and get a different point of view on it.

You can organise a free call with me here:

You are here in this life to live it, be free, be happy, be alive, be vibrant, be on purpose doing something you are passionate about.

Even if you are not a career woman or in business, there may still be a silent sadness within that you need clarity on.

Work it out. Find freedom this year. Its your time to shine again.

Trish xo

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