Falling In Love with Your Smart Body for Simple Change

In our old 3D reality, many of us had no concept of any connection within us whatsoever, except connecting the external reality to something we had done right, or blaming another if it was going wrong!

Now, in these higher vibrations of the 4th Density, 5th Dimension, we know differently.

As the global consciousness rises, and since 2012 when new energies began, we have been experiencing and ‘remembering’ the amazing power we have in our brain, our body, our mind and our energies.

There are innate abilities and knowing within us that we are tapping in to now. We are learning, or should I say ‘remembering’ them and how to create a healthier, more vibrant life.

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Muscle Testing

You may have heard of muscle testing.

This is the process where we ‘ask’ our body a question and receive an answer in the form of yes or no. The same principal applies to divination tools we use for a yes or no answer, or even for finding water in the case of the farmer and the old coat hanger!

Imagine if, your body simply just sorted this out itself?

Imagine if, the Divine in you was given the permission to work with you to do whatever was necessary, the shift things on an internal level so that muscle testing (an external remedy) was not required?


Not so.

The Divine within us, the INNATE, the Smart Body, has a far greater knowing than we could ever have. Our cells are listening to us, waiting for instruction. Not many of us actually give instruction from consciousness. But they are still taking the instruction we give them.

The INNATE within us holds memories that as a human, we forget. Unlike certain things that animals do that shows they are in touch. Animals do not forget.

Animals don’t touch the hot stove or jump off the edge of a cliff. They sense the danger. A danger they have experienced before in previous lives. It is an INNATE sense. A KNOWING within them

A child doesn’t sense the danger and has to be pulled back from the edge of the cliff by the parent or burn himself on the stove to get the message imbedded into his body and brain that it is dangerous or hurtful.

Once learnt, it then stays in the memory banks forever, in this lifetime anyway!

So why, after we learn these lessons, do we come back in the next life with a clean memory slate?

And why do animals have these senses, including a deep intuitive sense, without having to learn them?

The INNATE within, the Smart Body

They have the natural connection with the innate in their body.

We don’t. We over intellectualise and analyse but the same innate partnership dwells inside us too.

So, did you know that we can tap into this innate and begin to regenerate the way our body works, our mind works and our ‘knowing’ of deeper, previously learnt experiences? How?

We ask.

We fall in love with the Divine, the INNATE within.

We ask. We trust. We know. We HAVE TO FALL IN LOVE.

Your cells, your body and the innate will celebrate and feel Joy and this may show up as chills, when we truly are in love. This is the bridge between our cellular structure and human consciousness.

Here is a prayer to begin to say daily and be sure to measure the results as they will come to pass over a period of regeneration without any great flourish of activity.

In a quiet space, before sleep or as you wake, have a talk with the INNATE within. Make a phone call to your loved one. Pick up the direct line to your cells who are waiting for your love and instruction. First contact with the Divine part of you. CAL.

Dear Innate,

I Love you. Im sorry its taken me so long to figure it out.

I want you to go into the processes that you know about that I don’t. I want you to put them together in a benevolence that will create health and a long lasting human being.

I want you to talk to me, in whatever ways you can that I will recognize. I want to hold your hand and you hold mine for the rest of my life.

If there are any imbalances in my body I want it to go away through time and appropriate action.

I realize I have habits that are killing me and I want them to change. Help me to maintain a healthy metabolism and be the right size for my greatest health.

Change what is needed. Pull on the Akash if required. Change what is needed.

And I promise I will talk everyday, because I love you.

Then, don’t hang up the phone.

Innate knows what to do without the specifics. It will pull on the Akash, other lifetimes or cellular structures.


Download the Podcast here


I would love your feedback on how you are opening up to the new energies!

Love xo