#30Blogs30Days #Day4

I spent a lovely little while in my garden this morning. The pull to have my hands in the dirt was strong and I love communing with nature. I feel the grounding we receive and need is important to stabilize our energy and increase our centredness and decision making ease along with feeling balanced.

Great joy comes from discovering all the hidden treasures in the garden and today did not disappoint!

Little bursts of colour, flowers I noticed, new blooms and some plants that certainly surprised me with colour today!

It got me thinking that every day there are hidden treasures in our life but very often we do not notice them. Why? We are far too caught up in the everyday business of living that we actually forget to live in the moment and see the moment and the treasures it gives. So in fact nothing is hidden- we are simply not seeing.

I bet right now in your garden, your home, your environment, your sky, your kitchen, your surroundings, your possessions…there are hidden treasures just waiting for you to discover and enjoy!

  • Taking a moment to actually see the beauty of something.
  • Taking a moment to feel the joy that something brings.
  • Taking a moment to deliberately see the blessing in the now.

You can go looking for them with intention or simply just be and notice what appears for you!

The sound of that bird. The stunning beam of sunshine that is reflecting a rainbow onto your wall. That flower you noticed. An image of someone you love. Your pet having a good dream.

It is these treasures in life that do not take hard work, money, status or anything you have deemed necessary for the enjoyment of life.

The enjoyment of life is in the moment and it is in the moment that the treasures appear.

What are you awake to today? Now?

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