2017 –A Number 1 Year In The Energetic Vibration of The 9 Year Cycle

‘For what has been, thanks, for what will be…yes.’ Dag Hammarskjold

As we move into 2017, there is a lot of conversation and questions around the current 9 completion year and the new beginnings of the pending 1 year.

  • What does this all mean?
  • Is this about us as individuals?
  • Is it about the Universal energies?
  • What will this mean for the world we live in?
  • What can we do to optimize each year through the understanding if it?
  • Do we really NEED to understand it all?

9 years ago I was totally oblivious to this concept of the energy of each year. I knew I was a personal number 7 but that’s as far as I went, not looking further, and not actually being around any other people who explored these concepts. This year was different.

As we evolve, I believe we, as Humans, are becoming more and more sensitive to the energies that are around us. The unseen energies. The Universal forces that truly do impact each and every one of us, and the collective.

Lets explore what it is all about and how you can tap in to the energies of this coming year to fully utilize them in your new beginnings.

When we add the numbers of a year, we can see a pattern emerge. This cycle sees our ‘yearly’ numbers move in sequence from 1-9, then back to the beginning and a new 1-9 year sequence and so on.

The current 9 year cycle is at an end now in 2016 (2 + 0 + 1 + 6 = 9) and we are starting a 1 year (2+0+1+7 = 10 =1) and the beginning of a new cycle.

This one started back in 2008. This was also a one year. What new beginnings were happening in your life then? Looking back, can you see the cycle of growth/life/experience that has occurred for you over the past 9 years?

As 2017 begins, so does a new cycle. A 1 year is about new beginnings, new ways of Being, its about bringing ALL of what we have learned, where we experienced growth, how we shifted and the new perspectives we now have in life all together to create something different in our lives.

Universally this is true for everyone. Of course, as individuals we all also have a personal year number (add your birth date numbers and add them to 2017 eg. My birthday is 7th July so for my personal year number : 7 + 7 + 2 + 0 + 1 + 7 = 24 = 6. My personal year this year is a 6) and if you want to take it all to a more indepth way of being, then understanding both of these vibrational meanings will enhance your year.

Lets look at what each number means and how you can incorporate these energies into your life.

Firstly, as we are about to step into it, a Number 1 Year has the energies of new beginnings, independence, individuality, courage and creating the power of positivity while being fully in charge and tenacious in our efforts.

This is the energy that will lead us all to new directions and pathways. We have the ability individually and collectively to expand on all levels – globally, personally, professionally and spiritually. 1 is a beginning number, an energetic gateway that is opening up for us which has the ability to manifest whatever it is we desire, quickly. By choosing our thoughts carefully and focusing on our desires and outcomes, instead of focusing on fears, we truly do have the ability to manifest the beginnings we desire.


1 Year Energy:
Keywords: New Beginnings, Rebirth, Start of a New Cycle

1 is associated with the Magician in Tarot and has the ability, and all the tools, to create new things.

In Astrology it is associated with Mercury which is about communication. 1 energy can be masculine (an action taker!), focused, strong willed, stubborn and a self-starter.

Feeling motivated, this year represents new beginnings as you step into a whole new 9 year cycle of growth and evolution. You have gained a lot of experience, lessons and wisdom from the previous 9 year cycle and you now have the choice to put this wisdom into practice in 2017.

The focus you bring to these new beginning will reflect for the whole 9 year cycle.


2 Year Energy:
Keywords: Patience, Decisions, Rhythm

2 is associated with the High Priestess in Tarot and is about diplomacy, peace and patience. The energy of 2 is feminine which means your sensual and intuitive abilities will flourish.

In Astrology, 2 is associated with the Moon which can bring fears to the fore with the sensitive energies present but as the year is about relationships, alliances and making choices, and also after the flurry of action in the 1 year before, it is a good time to reflect on how to grow the seeds you have planted and how best to understand the obstacles and readjust your visions.

This is a year of choice and the possibilities are only limited by your imagination.


3 Year Energy
Keywords: Fun, Joy, Success, Celebrations,

3 is associated with The Empress in Tarot and while some impatience and extravagance may be in the energy of this year, there is also an air of confidence, success, inspiration, joyful energy and the manifestation of much of what was planted in the 1 year.

In Astrology, 3 is associated with Venus, the planet of Love. This feminine energy will have you feeling very excited about what you have nurtured and grown and where it will lead in the future.


4 Year Energy:
Keywords: Responsibility, Diligence, Hard Work and Karma

4 is associated with the Emperor in Tarot. Such a strong masculine energy! Discipline, hard work, frugal tendencies, devotion, trust and strength will be the theme in this year.

In Astrology , 4 is associated with Aries energy. Very disciplined, masculine and strong willed energy and these are the characteristics that are required to either make this 4 year a productive one or a year from hell. The seeds that were planted in the 1 year will now need your devotion and mindfulness to grow strongly by breaking any old patterns and honouring the commitments made in the previous year.

This is a year of ‘growing up’, breaking the old cycles and all that is not working. Time to make fresh decisions from a place of higher purpose and knowing.


5 Year Energy

Keywords: Freedom, Travel and Adventure

5 is associated with the Hierophant in the Tarot and while this card does relate to institutions and power, it also has the energy of freedom, adventure, daring and worldliness.

In Astrology, 5 is associated with Taurus. A very dependable energy, daring, curious and versatile.

After the diligence and hard work of the 4 year, adapting new beliefs and working through the commitments made, this year is a reward for all that persistence when you can realise that you are free to make your own choices and are not bound by the thoughts or beliefs of others, or your own limiting beliefs. A 5 year is for travelling, adventure and making new friends, ditching the routine.


6 Year Energy:
Keywords: Lovers, Heart, Family, Home

A 6 year is associated with The Lovers in Tarot and is about responsibility, healing, love, passions of the heart and nurturing self and others. It is a year to remember home, who is close in your heart and creating or building new relationships.

In Astrology, a 6 year is associated with Gemini. The twin elements here match the Lovers card duality and after a year of adventure and freedom you will want to explore the world a little closer to home.

In this 6 year, being in touch with the more spiritual parts of yourself rather than the practical, will bring new ideas to inject into your overall 9 year desires and dreams.


7 Year Energy
Keywords:  Mystic, Self-Aware & Reflective

A 7 Year is associated with the Chariot in Tarot. This is a year of going within to find the best way to move forward. Finding out how you can be the ‘alchemist’ and manifest your dreams for not only your highest purpose but for the highest good of all. The big questions like “Who am I on this planet right now?’ will be at the fore and you will want to find answers to them.

In Astrology, a 7 year is associated with Cancer. Spirituality, knowledge and inner wisdom will be a theme along with self reflection on the value your life has in the world.

This year will be about making a difference for the greater good and gaining new knowledge by taking on some type of study.


8 Year Energy
Keywords: Balance,  Polarity, Empowered

An 8 year is associated with the Strength card in the Tarot. This is a year where everything is magnified and your thoughts can be manifested quickly. All the foundations and work that has been created in the previous years of the cycle can be magnified here with positive, empowered thoughts or can be hampered with a ‘poor me’ mindset.

In Astrology, an 8 year is associated with Leo. The balanced, realistic, successful and authoritative qualities of this energy can help make this year as abundant as you choose.

You will be very desirable and attractive to others this year, whether that be on a personal level or business/career. Its your thoughts that will determine where you end up- in successful situations or having a less that exciting year.


9 Year Energy:
Keywords: Completion, End of a Cycle, Service

A 9 year is associated with The Hermit in the Tarot. A year of completion and endings, time spent inwardly this year will allow the old to dissolve, ready for new beginnings.

In Astrology a 9 year is associated with Virgo. Also a very inward sign, further energy to help with completing a cycle and discovering that by letting go of the old there is more room for the new to enter.

A 9 year is a time to reflect on what worked, or didn’t, over the whole cycle and what you are choosing to keep, going into the new cycle. Tying up all loose end is important, as is forgiveness and compassion for all who have helped you grow. Its the space to look at who you have become and where you now choose to go and who you choose to BE.


Everything we have done and experienced and been up to this moment in time will all be taken with us into this new cycle. Our Being and humanness is a combination of ALL we have lived however we can choose what we want to have highlighted in this new cycle of 9 years that is about to begin. By letting go of what did not, or is not now serving us to move forward, to look at what we didn’t like or want and to leave that behind, is the best way to start this cycle. Open and willing to receive the new.

When I am working with clients, the biggest thing that we uncover and dissolve are the parts of themselves and their life experiences that they are hanging on to. The parts that are holding them back, holding them prisoner in a life they no longer know or feel to be their truth.

As a human and a soul energy, we grow, we expand and we BEcome different, with different thoughts and perspectives. These cycles we encounter can serve us well if we choose it.

  • What will YOU be leaving behind?
  • What will YOU be starting anew?
  • What will the world create as a collective?
  • What will we create as individuals?

Its an exciting and refreshing time and for me personally, I already feel the lightness of it, especially after an exceptionally heavy 9 year cycle of life this time around!

I wish you abundant blessings and love as we start this new cycle.

Love xo